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Brooklyn based designer, ALICIA ZENOBIA, is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology and has taken a liking to the avant guarde side of fashion. After interning for Liz Collins and Keanan Duffty, Zenobia designed a line of clothing made with human hair. We have seen hair extensions at shows like Sonia Rykiel and Jean Paul Gaultier, but the human hair is a decadent touch since it costs upwards of $200 per head of hair. 

That being said, you can’t help to think of it as Cousin Itt’s choice of wardrobe. However, I like that the model is bald for fear of ‘too much hair’ could ruin the look. 

Odd tid bit- Rascal Flatts has worn her clothes. yeah, THAT Rascal Flatts.

PS- I recognize the background of some of the photos- it’s Providence, RI- my home!

photos: Alicia Zenobia

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Finnish designers Janne Kyttänen & Jiri Evenhuis designed this ‘punch bag’ a few years ago. As many of you may know, I dig this sort of stuff… function (brass knuckle for back alley brawls) and fashion (the gleaming chain bag that carries your wallet, cell and candy).

If you’re itching to add this to your wardrobe, stop itching because it will cost 364 EUROS. yeeeeaah… eruos. 

photos: freedom of creation

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Adelle Lutz designed these – I’m gonna call them  costumes because I can’t picture anyone wearing this at the boardroom or at a job interview. 

I googled Adelle and this is what I found. Weird. 

Is it coincidence that it came out around the time of Madonna’s old pictures are being auctioned off?

photos: Adelle Lutz

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Many people think Ray Caesar‘s art is nothing short of gruesome and creepy, but in my eyes (and a few other twisted souls like me) think he is the greatest artist that ever was! His mind is rich of disturbing images he witnessed while working for 17 years at the Art and Photography Department of The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto , making for a world of art that is like no other’s. 

Lucky for us fans, Ray Caesar has a book available through Murphy Design retailing for $54. Only 500 signed limited releases. 


photos: Ray Caesar

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These are Maison Martin Margiela 

shoes that should be not be $545. They look  more like $5.45. They missed the decimal point. Honestly, cork shoes are not very attractive in my book. I think of winos (like,  Amy Winehouse) and faux French bulletin boards found at TJ Maxx. Anyfugly, I wonder if these shoes fall apart if they dry out too much. That would suck. MMM also made the knee high boot for maximum fug. Click here to see it. I was searching for a matching cork dress , but all I found was this granny purse. Somehow, cork reminds me also of the 1970’s. Like macramé, fruits jiggling in Jello, and beards. Gross.

photo: Nitrolicious

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This is a necklace made by Molly Epstein. I googled her and like there a are a million ‘Molly Epstein’s…so I have no info on her. But as usual , I have something to say…. 

I sort of like this , but I wish it her pink because the white color is just so predictable… It would also look awesome in Gold and Copper. Now, would I wear this with a backless dress… depends on the dress. Not a short dress, but with a black Morticia long fluted dress… That would look spectacular and spooky. I would wear it year round. The scrunchied hair like in the picture wouldn’t work… my hair would have to be chin length and black. Tell me that would not look hawt!! Okay, only if you’re name is Gomez Addams. 

photos: Style Frizz

TV acres

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Daria Marchik 

is a freelance photographer from NY , but was born in Moscow. Here is one of her photographs involving a 

a onesie for two pregnant ladies. That better have a butt flap in case one has to pee. or both. I remember when I was preggers I had to be within 10 feet of the toilet or I could have  gotten the case of the  Fergies. Especially, the last 3 months… 

Getting back on track, They look a little twiddle dee and dum-ish. With a twist of Alison Goldfrapp and those creepy twins from Gormenghast.

If you haven’t seen Terry Gilliam’s Gormenghast, then you must drop everything and Netflix it to the top of your list! It is so bizzare and cool! Those kooky Brits! Also, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in that, so you know it’s worth the 6 hours total ( yes, I watched it all…. over 2 nights,… okay, in one shot with no bathroom break or snackums break ). I always wondered why they never showed this in the US, but I don’t think Americans would get it. They would just think it’s gay. Be sure to check out the PERSIAN CAT ROOM! It’s where I want to go when I die…

Here’s vintage Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Steerpike in the mini-series.


photo: Fashion Indie


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