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Emiko Oye has designed jewelry with legos. Before I say anything, I want to let you know that I have a lego bracelet from Shana Logic that I bought for $18 about 5 years ago. $18! That was a super deal!

Oye has produced  a more upscale version with precious metals or not. 

Her latest collection,”My First Royal Jewels,” (made entirely from recycled LEGOS)  just finished a four month exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design). Those are the necklaces in the first two photos. In my opinion, even though I am a huge Lego fan , I find the above hella fug. It looks like a locator device from a mothership and not in a cool way. Lucky for us they are not for sale. The third photo is a bracelet that is for sale. Check out her site if you want to see other lego designs, including earrings and necklaces. 

** For all the Mommy’s-I wash my son’s legos alone in the dishwasher – it washes the gross away and it totally works!**

photos: Trend De LA Creme

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