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Check out this ingenious bike! I always wondered what people with bikes and motorcycles do when they go food shopping or have to buy something oversized from Target. Do they rent a truck or something? Do they just eat out everyday? Well, for those cyclists who do eat and furnish their apartments, here is a bike that lets you carry your stuff around, including your kids! It retails for about $1300. I would love one of these if I didn’t have a bike phobia. Yes, feet, feta cheese and now bikes. Only because my brother ran over me with a bike when I was 4. Don’t ask. And, I feel like I’m gonna crash into something while I’m riding one especially when you have to turn. It’s too bad because I have a Hello Kitty bike (a gift from my lovely husband) sitting in the garage. It’s really the phobia of getting hit by a car, too. I’m just scared of everything , aren’t I?

photos: Madsen Cycles

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