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British designer, Amy Thompson, has designed a collection with very thin plastic in pretty pastel colors. These are pretty wearable considering they are very flexible, but not very breathable. I guess you could wear them for very short periods of time. My favorite are the purple pants. They look so robotic and reminds me the this Thierry Mugler outfit.  I would wear these during gardening. Martha Stewart should buy the rights to this. I can imagine her wearing these while planting her petunias.  She would say ‘It’s a Good Thing’  and then post a template to make these on her site. Only no one would make them because it would take 1,000 hours and a degree in engineering to make them . It would take Martha an afternoon to make these. Maybe about 20 plastic folders and some brass fasteners will do the trick. I would leave it to Amy, though.

photos: Fashion 156

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