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Nicholas Kirkwood’s furry ankle boots have a Planet of the Apes flair to them that I don’t think is attractive. There’s a lot of hairy fashions going around. Click here for a few…. Although, I haven’t seen the hairy fashions on the streets yet, I’m tempted to carry a bottle of Nair, just in case, and splash when needed. What they don’t tell you is that after a couple years, the hair becomes like this. Nasty!  While we’re on the subject….ever see a donkey with dreadlocks? Here’s one! These boots cost $1200…. Let me save you $1195 and glue some Yaki-braids to a pair of Payless boots…. really.

photos: Luis Avia Roma

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dsc032471 dsc032611

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dsc032561 dsc03257

Get Simply Spray! My loveseat was white with a touch of  cat piss here and there and I decided to something about it. Since I am terrible at re-upholstering and also lazy, I decided a spray paint would fit into my schedule. As you can see above, the afternoon of crafts was well worth it! I used about 4 cans of Simply Spray-Poppy Red fabric paint ( apparently, there is one specific for upholstery, but I accidentally used the one for apparel- still came out good!) to do the entire loveseat. It only took me an hour (barely) and dried within a couple hours! I was afraid the red would be like Chinese restaurant red, but it actually came out pink! Pink is my favorite! You’d think the fabric becomes stiff, but it doesn’t. I also went ahead and spray painted the wood gold ( paint for wood) because I’m tacky like that. I am very pleased with the outcome and recommend Simply Spray … I’m going to play around with the other colors for apparel and let you know what kind of fupeness I can come up with. Stay tuned.

Check out Simply Spray’s site– Available at Michael’s and other craft stores.

And…It’s the ONLY non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric paints! That’s cool.

**Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest**

The person with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between now and September 4 (midnight PST) wins a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray. That’s enough to cover the fugliest couch that ever was!

How can I tell who retweeted my posts? Because I’m a hot bitch that knows all. No, because I can see it on the retweet thingy. Once the winner is determined, I will tweet you a message for an address on September 6. I will also announce the winner on September 7th on this blog.

So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

photos:  Moi!

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jones-gloves3-381x540 jones-gloves2-540x503

London based Dominic Jones designed these leather gloves with gold ‘ fingernails’ attached. This is great, since gloves totally cover up your manicure. With these gloves, you may never have to get a manicure again (at least in the winter). I remember when I used have fake nails like a Long Island housewife done by the local Korean nail salon. It was an hour of agony with all the fumes and the stuff. I stopped after 5 years.  Now I have natural nails. I sometimes miss fake nails for the following reasons:

-my cats amusement as a used to tap by nails together to beckon them

-being able to scatch, like really scratch!

-setting my clock without the use of a coin

-scratching a scratch ticket without a coin or key

-picking up dead insects without really touching it

-having my finger sparkle while I flip the bird ( especially useful while driving on a sunny day)

That being said- I totally want these gloves!

photos: High Snobette

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These hats are so cool! They remind me of that video game , Q*bert . I would play the arcade game at Pizza Hut when I was a kid. I was easy to please- an individual cheese pizza (earned by the ‘Bookworm’  contest), a soda and Q*bert and I was  All Set! I know, I was such a Geek!  By the way, the Bookworm contest was a contest where whoever read the most books would earn a pizza once a week. Yes, my motivation was PIZZA! It got my ass to read , though. (I would just read the back covers.) OFF TRACK- sorry. Anyway, those models must have a crane in the back of their head to keep the hats up!  Gorgeous!

photos: coute que coute

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Good God- What IS this? I rarely comment on menswear because I think when a guy looks too put together, it doesn’t look right. Don’t get me wrong- I think a caveman- looking dude is gross. But, I like it when a man just throws things together with an accessory that may be cool, like a fat wallet. Seriously. No, I’m kidding! This mess above is by Frida Ringstrom. She’s Swedish. I think she designed this collection for men who like to get beat up on the street. Why does this remind me of Nuni from Saturday Night Live? Apparently, her previous collection was inspired by Road Kill. Lovely.

photos: Fashion 156

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chocolate_grace_jones_01 chocolate_grace_jones_02 chocolate_grace_jones_07chocolate_grace_jones_11chocolate_grace_jones_09

This is a cannibal’s nightmare! Seriously, you think you’re gonna eat Grace Jones and all you get is chocolate! But, on the other hand, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream and if you’re a Grace Jones fan and a chocolate lover- well, it may feel weird eating her head. So, this was for her album cover for ‘Hurricane’. I thought Grace Jones disappeared into suburbia, but she has actually been around- we just never paid attention. I loved her in ‘A View to A Kill’! She was a Bond girl not to tangle with, but Bond didn’t give an eff! Classic film with, of course, the great Duran Duran doing the theme song. Here are her outrageous costumes from her recent shows. I wonder what happened to all the chocolate? I hope it didn’t end up at TJ Maxx in the gourmet gifts section.

PS- I see Chocolate feet one photo- NOOOOOOOO!

gracejonesopenpost12 spl116460_007spl116460_015

photos: Mashkulture , Dlisted

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Here are  my pick’s from Fred Flare this month. Fred Flare is a really cool online shop and store with clothing, accessories and other stuff in Brooklyn, NY for those of you who don’t know…

1. A composition duffle bag- because it reminds me of those damn essays we used to write in school. Mine was all scribbles.

2. The Bunny Tea-for Two set- because it looks like that hot slut, Miffy.

3. The “I am Woman- Hear me SNORE” sleeper mask – because I would love to put this on my husband’s face while he sleeps  and witness the horror on his face when he wakes up! AHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! No,really, my 4 year old son’s snore rivals my husbands’- Astonishing!

4. The Nerdy Glasses USB – because I’m free from those bad boys! Lasik, b*tches!

5. The Stapleless Stapler -because staples suck.

All of the above are under $50! Yippeeee!

photos: Fred Flare

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