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In honor of the Audrey Tatou film, Coco Before Chanel (Coco avant Chanel), here are some interesting facts about my all-time favorite designer, Coco Chanel. I am so kookoo for Coco, that I used to draw the CC symbol on my ankle in the mid 90s! I wanted to get that tattooed eventually, but my fear of needles took over. So, the sharpie it was. Coco Before Chanel (Coco avant Chanel) opens in select US theaters on September 25, 2009.  Count me in on opening day!

1. She made the tan popular after retuning from a cruise to Cannes with a sunburn.

2. She was a Leo and collected anything with lions.

3. The shape of the  Chanel No.5 bottle  was in reference to Place Vendome.

4. She would have Chanel No. 5 sprayed throughout her home.

5. When Coco passed away, only 3 outfits were found in her Rue Cambon apartment.

6. In 1938, she started dating a Nazi officer named Hans Gunther Von Dincklage.

7. Until her death in 1971, her fashion empire brought in more than $160 million per year.

8. Before her designing career began, she worked in a small hosiery shop in France.

9.The Duke of Westminster painted CC and part of his crest in gold on all the lamposts in W1, London.

10. Coco’s real first name Gabriel. She got Coco from a song she performed in a musical called ‘Qui qu’a vu Coco’.

11. She loved pockets, most all her collections included pockets of some sort.

Here are my prized Chanel stockings :


photos: IMDB, Moi

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