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How brilliant is this? It comes from the twisted  mind of  artist Tom Sachs!  That’s sort of cool to have a name that sounds like Saks, as in my mecca , Saks Fifth Avenue. Anyway, I love how the guillotine looks like a Soloflex. What are those stools on each side of the board? They’re handbag holders! Because no one wants to put their handbag on the floor, even when your head is going to fly off momentarily. How thoughtful! I need a glock like that. Speaking of glocks, my heat-packing mom left bullets in her makeup case accidentally before boarding a plane. You can imagine the hysteria it ensued with airport security. Apparently, she totally forgot she put them there. She probably keeps them there  in case someone bothers her while she’s primping. So long story short, airport security saw toys and candy for my son in her suitcase. They chuckled and then confiscated the bullets and let her pass. Heat-packing grandmas are the best!

photos: Tom Sachs

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