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This is some very gruesome couture by British menswear designer Katie Eary for her Spring 2010 collection. If someone wore this on October 31, I’d think they are the bomb! But if they wore this on November 1, I’d think they’re a lunatic. Why are my eyes drawn to the fur? Fur on a man is like heels on a baby– not right!  You have to appreciate that it’s anatomically correct (I assume). Sort of like this be@rbrick. If Chewbacca were a pimp , this Gold Ghetto Chewbacca would be beyond perfect. Check out Katie’s website- I actually love the union jack trousers and the British guard look. Hawt!

Tomorrow is my most favorite holiday ever! Why? Because it’s the only day in the year where no one points, stares or laughs at me! Sooooo………Happy Halloween!


photos: Fashion indie, photobucket

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I grew up in the cozy state of Rhode Island and wanted to share my favorite places and things in this charming, historic smallest state in the union. Obviously, The Family Guy ranks number one. An artist’s haven, the city of Providence, has many nooks and crannies of cool areas (and FANTASTIC restaurants), including the Italian Federal Hill district. My absolute favorite place to have cake IN THE WORLD is Pastiche. The lemon cake is to die for. Literally. I have devised many attempts to have this cake Fedex-ed to me in California, but all failed. So, I gorged myself with Pastiche’s yummy cakes for one week straight.

Be sure to check out Diva’s Palace, a very hip boutique with some vintage and gorgeous in-house designs. The store front itself is beautifully decorated!

Of course, my trip included a lobster (lobstah) dinner… mine was a lady lobster. How did I know? Because she had a million black eggs in her tummy. Yeah, gross! I scooped out the eggs and ate the lobster anyway, because that’s how much I love lobsters! My 4 year old son was spooked.

So, after a week of clam chowda, Del’s lemonade, Pastiche, Italian cold cuts, and more ( when I say more, I didn’t have enough time for everything!)- I think my body’s ready for the Californian detox: fruits, smoothies, sushi, and a Korean spa! I’m already thinking about my next trip back….

PS- Be sure to check out The Roger Williams Park Zoo during the month of October. A spectacular evening display of hundreds of intricately carved  pumpkins line a trail located near a breathtaking lake. Also, Waterfire is a must see in downtown Providence!

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photos: Federal Hill, Moi!

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Vivienne Westwood is one of my all-time favorites, especially for the corset-ed gowns. However, her more casual line called ‘Red Label’ looks anything but the usual fashion-forward, punk socialite style that is Vivienne Westwood. Seriously, the 2nd photo  is like me after I paint with my preschooler. Except, I ‘d have a pissed face, not a ‘420 smirk’ like the model. The horn hat looks like the albino version ofHellboy (before he saws them off , of course.)  I do dig the plastic shoes with the wings, though. Apparently, they are the new collection of shoes with Brazilian plastic shoe company, Melissa. I could use some wings in my life.

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Anna Sui (in the same, fun realm as Betsey Johnson) remains to be one of my favorite designers no matter what she spits out. Why? Because I’ve been going to her store in Soho, NYC since I was 13 and the same grumpy security guard still works there ever since I can remember. He makes you check in your bags and then gives you a look  like , ‘Fool!  Child, you could pay a mortgage instead of buying that effed up hippie dress’. It’s totally on his face. Anyway, the bolero suit and the band camp capes are the best. I love capes, by the way. They  make me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

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London -based designer, Kinder Aggugini’s Spring 2010 collection is perfect! It has vintage flair, fantastic polka dots (so retro!) and a 1950s silhouette that flatters any woman. The Mad-hatter ( or pimp hat)  hats are perfectly in-sync with the Alice in Wonderland – mania that Tim Burton is going to unleash in March 2010. I’m really happy that designers are bringing back some retro designs without the musty, old-lady ass odor attached to actual vintage pieces.  I really appreciate that. I have so many vintage pieces that I have no idea how to wash , and so it stinks and  then, I never wear them because I don’t want to be a ‘Pungent Monet’ ( looks good from afar, but stinks up close as opposed to a ‘Monet‘, which is beautiful from afar , but looks a mess upfront). Anyway, Kinder’s the bomb!

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Danielle Scutt’s Spring 2010 collection is just precious! The girly flair established through ruffles, short, flouncy skirts and PINK! PINK IS MY FAVORITE! I’d wear the most hideous outfit so long as it’s pink! That’s how devoted I am to the hue. Pink Life forever, yo! Anyway, the hair are to die for… reminds me of Whoville….or a doody.( Don’t click, if you’ve just eaten) It doesn’t matter because I would wear any of these outfits out and about. So if you see someone in a white frilly dress, it’s me and not the server at Paula’s Pancake Haus in Solvang, CA.

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I know, I know… it’s not exactly wearable, but dang, It’s so cool! I love the colors, the deconstructed frayed edges, the bubble silhouette, the shoulders! I love it all! Herchcovitch’s collection seems to have been inspired by American football, which I find gross. The whole football, beer and dirty popcorn ( and by dirty , I mean the hand migrating from the crotch to the popcorn to the mouth) scene is repulsive, but I do love those Superbowl half -time shows! Anyway, back to less oaf-ish subjects….I think Herchcovitch is one to watch… let’s keep an eye out.

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