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The original French Punk , Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed with British combat boot maker, Dr. Marten. With laser -cut diamond holes on each side of the boot, it now matters what socks you’ll be wearing. I would with go hot pink socks! These 14 hole Doc’s will run about 300 Euros, which is probably $5,000 with all the inflation and the ‘obnoxious American’ tax. You know Europe probably has an ‘Obnoxious American’ tax by now. It’s been lowered since Obama took over, though. Kidding! I wish they had these boots in the mid -nineties when I would actually wear these. It’s funny, the Doc’s were worn by the punk anarchists and the conservatives wore Keds. I tell you-when in doubt, look at the shoes.

photos: High Snobette

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