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Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2010 collection looked like something the local lady hobo would wear after raiding the Salvation Army’s rejects. This was a mess all around. I wish Viv would get back to doing beautiful gowns without the busy fabrics and jumbled ensembles. I didn’t see any corsets in her collection, which for is basically what she’s famous for. My motto is ‘Do what you’re good at’ and also ‘Don’t eff with something that doesn’t need to be effed with.’ Like my dentist keeps hounding me to pull this one baby tooth I have. Yeah, I still have one baby tooth. Weird, but true. But, it doesn’t hurt me , it doesn’t look too FUG (I assume) and I still can eat food comfortably. So why pull it!? Anyway, the point is: Vivienne needs to refocus on the gown and stop with all the BS prints. She needs to ‘simmer-down now’ as Cheri Oteri would say!

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