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Columbian photographer Ruven Afanador really has an imagination of  that rivals Ray Caesar. The skulls, the hobbit fetus, the fabulous bow tie- it could be just another day at Marilyn Manson’s pad. Ruven has done more conventional covers and spreads for  Marie Claire, The New York Times and Vanity Fair because dude has bills and has gotta eat. But in his spare time, he breaks out the crazy.  My favorite has to be the lady in the grey bowtie chillin’ with the hobbit fetus.  Check it out his site for more fantastical work. I’ve already filed him on under my favorite photographers.

Happy New Year! Live it up like this classy feline... look at all the beads she’s earned!!


photos: Fashion 156

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Belgian fashion designer Anna Heylen had made miniature versions of her fashion lines for dolls back in 1993. She recently resurrected them and can be seen at her shop in Antwerp. You can read about why she does this …blah blah blah, here. I think it’s a great idea to show your clothes on dolls. I mean you save tons of money and you don’t have to deal with bitchy or late models. Score! Anyway, I threw in some dolls of Lady Gaga made by a devoted fan while we’re on the subject. And by devoted , I mean rabbit stew and flicking lamps.


photos: Style Bubble , Trend de la Creme

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small_attachment small_attachment-2

Fred de GARILHE designed this Chanel phone prototype that make my legs weak. Unfortunately, it’s only make believe and not real. The face slides to the side and reveals a screen. The phone when closed resembles a chocolate square  (or a laxative!). Anyway, I would take this over my iPhone only if it has the same features as the iPhone PLUS a built-in red laser so I can entertain my cats, (so essential). That’s the only way , man.  Who am I kidding! I would take this even if it was only a calculator- it looks so cool!!! Check out the Chanel concept car from earlier this year. With these two, we can take over the world! Muwahahahahahaah.

photos: The Fashion Spot

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Herrrro Kitty is frying the friendly skies! Taiwanese airlines, EVA Airways, has a special Hello Kitty airplane that would make Mariah Carey  and me swoon! I’m gonna have to figure a way to go to Taiwan to fly on this masterpiece.  They should take this to next level and have bubbles blown throughout the aisles during the flight. I have to say the food looks nasty. I’d swipe the dinner napkin, though.Anyway, they need food like this:


While we’re on the subject of Hello Kitty, here’s how to live the Hello Kitty life:

hello-kitty-house SWEET!

hello-kitty-1_69 AWWWWW!

If that’s not enough sickly sweetness…

Click here for my Hello Kitty Birthday video on Twolia- TV!

photos: The Lipstick Diaries, Found Sh*t

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The annual ‘What you won’t ever see at a Victoria’s Secret store’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came and went and I completely missed it. Usually, I mark my calendar for this crap, but due to lack  of interest, I didn’t. The only outfit that I found remotely cool was the first photo of a steampunk pair of wings and Sherlock Holmes-y corset dress. The rest looked like a craft show from all the Project Runway rejects- a complete Cheeeeeeze fest with a side of hooch. Seriously, you walk into a Victoria’s Secret and none of these runway pieces are there- it’s just a bunch of sweatpants with ‘Pink’ written on the butt, padded bras (so 90’s) and a bunch of little pink dogs here and there. Sorry for being such a Grinch, but after you watch this video, you will see why I think Victoria’s Secret is on the lame side.

So, today is the moment of truth of whether I was naughty or nice this year. Mr. Marmar decides.


Mr. MarMar - look at dat fathe!

Have a Merry Holiday full of food, stuff and more stuff!

photos: CBS, me

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Chelsea Rebelle ‘s newest collection is one of my favorites this season. The black bubble dress covered in ivory bows has my name written all over it. If you want me to wear something, put a damn bow on it. I’ll wear it. It’s the trapped Snow White in me. Anyway, I went on the Chelsea Rebelle site and explored her other collections, which are all equally cool. I stumbled upon one of Chelsea Rebelle’s stockists, Coco Career, and fell in L O V E. Everything is in British pounds, so you have convert and then weep a river. In any case, both sites are worth checking out. Also, look for merchandise for the pop band , Robots in Disguise on Coco Career. I discovered this band 4 years ago… Good girly electronic stuff!

photos: Chelsea Rebelle

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When I first saw these photos I freaked out because I swore a model had just blinked or opened it’s mouth. So, I stepped away from my computer for a delicious snack because I thought my blood sugar was low again. A Whatchamacallit later, I realized this sh*t was for real! Reed and Rader had played tricks on my mind and I liked it! Seriously, if all fashion photography was like this, think of all the ways you get a a feeling across. You know, like , ‘I’ve got the heroin shakes- buy my clothes’ and others. Check out their site for more cool digital art colliding with fashion. No bong needed.

photos: Reed and Rader

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London boutique Antoni & Alison has some killer trompe l’oeil gear that would make Moschino proud. Their sweaters are all cashmere and run about $300-$350. I love trompe l’oeil because it looks like you have a real outfit on when really it’s just a shirt or sweater. I guess I could have been a mime in another lifetime …. or just lazy. Anyway, I may save my pennies for one of these, particularly the first photo of a Frenchy poster child. I’d wear that while buying a baguette. Check out their website for more cool stuff including some fupe art (my favorite!)

photos: Antoni & Alison

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Christmas is just a few days away, so I thought I’d make it easier for you and compile a list of crap I’d like to see in my stocking. Seriously though, I have so much crap that if I get more crap, I’m not gonna have room anywhere to put the crap considering I’ve got so much crap already. I’ll translate that: I don’t need anything, a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or splendid vacation will do. So here’s the list if I had the space….

1- A Bless USB (1 GB) made from a poor Mink’s tail. It kind of looks like a computer ate a mink or  a (gorgeous) cat and all that’s left is a tail. I seriously wish it still had the ass attached still just so I could say I have a ‘cat/mink ass USB’. Sweet.

2-A hissed off kitty necklace from ShanaLogic. He looks like an old-timey professor.

3-11-Inch “Bearbell” Be@rbrick from Japanese star, Chiaki. In case didn’t know , she’s the Japanese school-girl  in Kill Bill: Volume I . Chains are her accessory. Available at Kidrobot.

4- Swearing ring by Wendy Brandes. This way I can say what’s on my mind with a flash of the knuckles and a sneer. Everybody wins!

photos: ShanaLogicKidrobot, Kingdom of Style

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hats-046 hats-016hats-006hats-056hats-051hats-037hats-026hats-025hats-017hats-021

Besides busting on designers on this here classy blog, I also moonlight as a fashion stylist. I gotta hustle for my kid’s cookies, candies and toys, right? No, I really love styling, especially if I am given the creative freedom to express my fashion dreams. I’m speaking codes right now. I’ll translate: As long as it’s not a Sears catalog, I’m happy( and there is an endless supply of Cadbury and tea at the craft service)! Anyway, I worked with photographer,Chelsea Hewitt, who I met through Sebastian International, a lovely makeup artist (who’s name escapes me) and a gorgeous German model (who’s name escapes me, also -shame on me!) that was sporting a Billy Idol do (loved it!) and was like a chameleon. We chatted about weinerschnitzels, Kauf-Hauf and Nuremberg- it was fantastic. I hope you enjoy these photos- these are all from my personal collection. Contact me if you have questions about the origin of any accessories- each has a little story behind it.

PS- See more of my fashion styling at my website under the Photos section. Be sure to turn on your volume and pet the kitty on the home page!

photos: Chelsea Hewitt Photography

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