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The Museum of the History in Science in Oxford, England (so fitting, because of the old-timey ambiance in Oxford) is showing some peculiar Steampunk art from now until February 2010. It’s the world’s first Steampunk art exhibition, so steampunkers are pissing themselves right now. So, if you see hot air balloons and people with monocles flocking to Oxford, you’ll know why. Besides the strange, yet cool objects above, expect to see more fupe stuff like clockwork hearts. This is one of those things where I wish I could go just to people watch. I would sit in a corner with a spot of tea and just entertain myself with watching people who are ‘wax lyrical‘ (nothing to do with a ‘Brazilian wax’, sadly) for  Steampunk. ( I just spoke British! ) But seriously… this looks like a cool one.

photos: kronikle/kidrobot

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