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I was so inspired by this post I wrote not too long ago that I had to make it myself. Also, I wasn’t going to pay $300 for a shirt ( that’s so 90’s). So, I whipped out my Simply Spray fabric paint and went to town on a couple of Old Navy cotton shirts I bought for like $3 each. And so if I effed up, I wouldn’t feel too bad because the shirts are a price of a cup of tea. And so I was ready to go NUTS! I sprayed the paint onto a paper plate and brush the paint on to the shirt as if I was an artiste. My cats were sniffing around the paint area intrigued by my spontaneous paint-a-thon. Then they ran around crazy for an hour. Hmmmm. Anyway, they dried pretty fast when I set them out in the sun (about 30 minutes). My fave out of the bunch is the white cardigan with the Chanel-style camellia and pearls. Alas, now I can look like a cartoon and I can still go to the spa!

photos: Moi

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