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No, that’s not Mr. Lou Cipher staring back at you…. It’s a badass prison inmate who likes to poke his eye with sharp objects. No, he’s not mentally challenged (I think), but dude got his best prison b*tch  (BPB) to tattoo his eye with magical colors, like red and blue. Riddle me this? Are marble eyes in this season? Because I totally missed that. Anyway, this Maestro of Marble Eyes would not reveal his beauty secrets as to what he did exactly to accomplish this ghoulish trend. I figure he missed out on the colored contact trend because dude’s been locked up in prison. Wait ’till he gets out and finds out you could just throw in colored contacts. Bummer. Apparently, sometimes he can’t see. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to not see in prison. He just needs a chola-rrific tear drop tattoo on his cheekbone to complete the freakish look.

Speaking of  ‘Not right tattoos’…

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photos: The Frisky

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