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Designer (and cake decorator) Emily Miranda ( she has TWO first names )uses alligator claws and rabbit paws in her jewelry. She also uses seashells and gems, but I thought the claws and paws would be more dramatic. The gold talons on the alligator is pretty cool, actually. It reminds me of this. If you look closely in the second photo, a claw is holding on to the bracelet just like a toddler would. I can’t really deal with rabbit feet (paws) because it remind me of my beloved Mr. Marmar. He totally has rabbit feet (they smell like popcorn- I dunno why) and he’s white.  Check out her site for more odd art and some pretty amazing cakes. I hope her cake decorating area is separate from her alligator claw stash.


Mr. MarMar - look at dat fathe!

photos: Emily Miranda

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