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You will be missed dearly, Mr. McQueen.

I’m gonna go cry a friggin’ river now.

photos: Wireimage

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German (but, of course)  designer Patrick Mohr showed his Fall 2010 collection in Berlin and was clearly inspired by ‘roidy characters, clowns, bunnies, and the all-weather fabrics at Home Depot. Seriously, Pat must be ragged on so bad because of this ‘collection’.  Yeah, a ‘collection’ of sketchy characters. I tried to find more info on Pat, but dude is pretty much MIA on the internet. I guess he’s hiding out after this one. Anyway, he’s probably a kagillionaire  that likes to boggle the mind from time to time with crap like this. He’s probably giggling at the audience’s reaction during the show while he sips Perrier backstage. This could very well be the biggest prank in Berlin!

Here is his Spring 2010 collection below. Not as fupe as this one, but pretty much up there…

photos : Hollywood Rag

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