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If you ever wondered what it would look like if Bollywood vomited all over the Chrylser Building in the far future, look above. I can’t hate on this because I would totally wear this to the fun fair. There’s a 90’s club kid aspect that I can totally appreciate. The wigs are the bomb! I like the choppy, uneven bangs- nothing says sexy like a flash of forehead. Anyway, I do like Manish Arora‘s designs because he definitely marches to his own tune and isn’t afraid of color like some designers. Who cares if you look like a Toucan Sam! The world is not a funeral! Yay for Manish!

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I think I’ve died and gone to Fran Drescher  (‘The Nanny’) heaven! Maison Moschino Hotel opened recently in Milan and now I totally  have an excuse to go to Milan. I just need to scrounge 300 Euros, which probably $60,987 with all that inflation (that’s totally a discount compared to the Bush-era, by the way). Anyway, the hotel is based on a fairytale dream and is designed to reflect the Moschino style. Super-whimsical and modern simultaneously, this hotel is giving me ideas for my home. Although, I don’t know how the Mr. is gonna feel about sleeping on a giant velvet gown.

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I know – it’s an overload of ME! Sorry… But I just was so excited by these hair pieces that ‘Tressa the Hair Dressa’ made for me! I mean, they totally match my real hair and gives me an excuse to just throw on a hair piece than actually do my hair. I may never do my hair again. So, starting from the top:

– The Faux Hawk- I got all British Punk for that photo. I hope you can’t see my mom jeans.

-The single braid with bed head- seriously, I was groggy when Felix*  took my photo.

-The Knotty Braid headband- love that name!

-The ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ braids- I tried to blink my way away, but it didn’t work.

-The Wowwy Zowwy braid- It’s so long- I was afraid to go to the bathroom with it.

-My personal favorite- The ‘bird’s nest’ like Marie Antoinette! The nest is made out of hair! Everyone needs a bird’s nest in their hair sometimes.

– The Totally Twisted headband- I was channeling an elegant Axl Rose.

-The large Rosettes- for that ‘old-timey’ look or the ‘I just baked muffins for strangers while on speed’ look.

-And last but not least, A single braid headband- perfect for everyday use.

Click here for Puppycatmeow‘s shop. Seriously, ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ is the master! And she’ll make it in your hair color!

*This is Felix27230_373015688942_747433942_5081725_2840894_n

photos: Felix/ E

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dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-1 dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-3dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-5dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-71

Tithi Kutchamuch’s necklace called “Companion Parrot” allows you to rest the necklace on its ‘body’ when not in use. This is actually really clever if you can put the creepiness aside. I mean, the necklace itself consists of a bird skull, heart and intestines. This could totally freak out a vegetarian. Imagine wearing this to KFC, while eating a bucket of wings. That would be such a savage display! Anyway, I have to give credit where credit is due and say Tithi has some pretty cool ideas. Check out his/her (can’t tell with a name like Tithi!) site for cool design projects that includes tea sets and paper jewelry.

PS- That dude is totally craving fried chicken.

photos: Haute Macabre

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Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos constructed this chandelier out of tampons. Yes, TAMPONS. This goes to show that you can make anything out of anything. The burning question is : How did Joana acquire so many tampons for her little crafting project? Can you imagine her rolling up to a CVS and wiping out the shelves out of Tampax? I bet the cashier and everyone in line thought she was a damn vampire or something stocking up on Dracula’s (or Twilight) teabag. I’m not sure if this lights up, but if it doesn’t it will definitely absorb liquids. You can see this masterpiece at the Belem Cultural Center in Lisbon, Portugal if your heart so desires.

photos : WOW

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This is what Ursula’s nails would look like  if she was a secretary at DMV in Queens. The first thing comes to my mind when people have insane nails like this is – How can they make a sammich for lunch? or what becomes of them when they have an itch? and most importantly , how do they wipe their ass after a dump? The coral looks a little like blood vessels, though. That counts for something. There are so many clam and pearl jokes in this that I’m just gonna step back and let you guys take over. Run with it.

photo: WOW report

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Here are a mix of the Moschino show and the Cheap & Chic by Moschino shows. I’m too lazy to post a separate post. Anyway, The Moschino show featured cowboy hats which totally remind me of Destiny’s Child. I’ve been guilty of that trend. Go ahead throw my ass in solitary confinement. Anyway, I had to post the pink violin handbag because I go kookoo for handbags that look like everyday things. For instance, I have this one vintage Moschino handbag that looks like a milk carton (see below) and I tried to fit a few baby bottles in there when my son was a baby. It didn’t fit and now I have no clue what to wear it with. But it’s so dang cool! But, as the dress says above, Fashion Must Go On!

photo-on-2010-03-01-at-1436PS- I have no idea why the handbag looks like it took a photo in a mirror. How vain! I took it with Photobooth on my MAC in case you’re wondering.

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I love how Dolce &Gabanna alway come up with a theme for their D&G line. A few seasons ago it was a nautical theme; now they head for the mountains for that snow bunny look. I don’t do any winter sports ( or any sports for that matter), but I can always appreciate watching skiers and snowboarders falling on their asses for me while I sip hot chocolate in the chalet. Why ski when you can watch people ski, right? Anyway, The boots make it for me, though. You can’t beat a pair of Harry and the Henderson boots to make any winter outfit look wintery. I love how D&G go from knits to nighties in one show. Like one would wear a flimsy nightie in the mountains. They should’ve done flannel PJ’s- Eddie Bauer style because that’s the truth. The dress is beautiful, though, nonetheless.

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Although he has done collaborations here and there, Jeremy Scott made a comeback after 7 years with this Fall 2010 collection that echoed NYC street wear with clever, tongue and cheek details. This collection reminded me a little of Moschino back in ‘The Nanny‘ days. That’s a good thing. The cardboard cut-outs are brilliant, except I would paste a picture of a tabloid sweetheart on the head of the silhouette. Why? Because it’s damn funny. I wonder how you sit in that…. how does that work? For that hanger dress, you need your own personal Farnsworth Bentley to carry that around for you… or if you’re trying to save some bucks in this crappy economy, I guess you could  hang it from your ponytail. The main thing is Jeremy’s back.

Happy Persian New Year to all the Persian cats (and people)!

norooz richard-stacks-cat-observing-goldfish-in-an-aquarium

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On one of my recent trips to NYC, I stopped by Henri Bendel (I’ve been going there since I was 13) and saw that they have switched to only accessories, jewelry and handbags. No more clothes and shoes. It’s so sparkley now! My cats would have a ball. Hell, I had a ball! Anyway, I stumbled upon these really cool hats by French hat designer, Selima. Each one is handmade at her studio/boutique on Bond Street in NYC and also is available at Henri Bendel. Selima provided hats for Malandrino’s Spring 2010 Collection and many socialites. Check out her cool site for custom made hats, blog and contact.

photos: Moi and Glendalys

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