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Although he has done collaborations here and there, Jeremy Scott made a comeback after 7 years with this Fall 2010 collection that echoed NYC street wear with clever, tongue and cheek details. This collection reminded me a little of Moschino back in ‘The Nanny‘ days. That’s a good thing. The cardboard cut-outs are brilliant, except I would paste a picture of a tabloid sweetheart on the head of the silhouette. Why? Because it’s damn funny. I wonder how you sit in that…. how does that work? For that hanger dress, you need your own personal Farnsworth Bentley to carry that around for you… or if you’re trying to save some bucks in this crappy economy, I guess you could  hang it from your ponytail. The main thing is Jeremy’s back.

Happy Persian New Year to all the Persian cats (and people)!

norooz richard-stacks-cat-observing-goldfish-in-an-aquarium

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