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I love how Dolce &Gabanna alway come up with a theme for their D&G line. A few seasons ago it was a nautical theme; now they head for the mountains for that snow bunny look. I don’t do any winter sports ( or any sports for that matter), but I can always appreciate watching skiers and snowboarders falling on their asses for me while I sip hot chocolate in the chalet. Why ski when you can watch people ski, right? Anyway, The boots make it for me, though. You can’t beat a pair of Harry and the Henderson boots to make any winter outfit look wintery. I love how D&G go from knits to nighties in one show. Like one would wear a flimsy nightie in the mountains. They should’ve done flannel PJ’s- Eddie Bauer style because that’s the truth. The dress is beautiful, though, nonetheless.

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