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This is Alexander McQueen’s last collection before his death. He had only done 16 looks. Above are a few of my favorites. Apparently, they played opera music and the guests got weepy. Super sad. Because I’m an investigative reporter (aka ‘Nosy’), I googled ‘Anna Wintour’ and McQueen Fall 2010′ for any photos of her all teary eyed. Nothing came up. It wouldn’t matter anyway because she wears those damn sunglasses all the time… I mean, you really wouldn’t be able to tell.  Anywho, the final dress (last photo above) was just epic and looked ‘heavenly’. Sadly, McQueen may have had the after life on his mind while designing this collection. I just wish he was still around to pull us into his fantastical world every now and again. I guess that’s what photo archives are for. Pass the cheesecake.

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