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I know whenever Jean-Charles Castelbajac shows a collection, it’s sure to be fan-friggin’-tastic! I mean, a lego fashion show, Muppet-mania… what else can he do to win my childlike heart? BAMBI, wurd! My love for Bambi came around the time I started going potty by myself, but I still get a flutter in my tummy when I see the doe-eyed deer (did I just say deer twice?). Anyway, as you may know, anything involving a forest full of woodland creatures wins my vote! Especially, cartoony ones. Although the silver outfit above is also winning my heart. Having said that, I’m craving baked potatoes.

PS- Why doesn’t Style.com have any of Castelbajac’s collections online?? Seriously, they’d better RECOGNIZE!

photos: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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