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British designer Rachel Freire designed these fantastic corset, undergarment, football inspired outfits. I am completely in love with all of them. I love that nude color and the garters the best. That last photo of the extra long corset sort of looks like a venus fly trap devouring your upper body. Hawt. It looks like it could be claustrophobic. I like how Rachel gave thought to the crotch zipper in the nude bodysuit (third photo). I mean, the worst part of wearing a bodysuit is going to the damn bathroom. So back in the day, I used to be in a punk band called The L.U.V.’s (I went by ‘Roxy Lady’, naturally) and I wore a latex hot pink bodysuit on stage. I had to go the bathroom so bad after the show. I had to take the whole bodysuit off, which took a good 15 minutes. Try doing that in a NASTY nightclub bathroom. Anyway, long story short, crotch zippers are a ‘good thing’ as Martha would say.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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