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Okay, I went digging again into the deep realm of the internet and came back with these just for you! Yes, you need to see the booby clogs to make your week complete. I have a feeling my five year old boy would LOVE those. He has a boob fascination. We don’t question it. Anyway, the ice cream heels are the only ones I think I would actually wear out of the bunch. It kind of looks like something Billionaire Boys Club would come out with. The meatballs and spaghetti heels are just nasty. I can picture Vito wearing those on an episode of the Sopranos- that’s if Patricia Field did their costumes. The motherboard heels are great for geeks, naturally. And the Lamborghini heels could belong to a cross dresser with a small peen. Just sayin’. I mean, a girl would not wear those and it’s a known fact that Lamborghini is Italian for “I have a small penis” , right??  Anyway, the black bulging shoe is just disturbing. It could very well accommodate ankle goiters (does that exist?) or something.

photos: If shoes could kill

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