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Fam Irvoll‘s Spring 2011 was  fantabulous, as usual! I love when colorful-meets-cute-meets-effed-up. I did a post a while back on Fam and I raved about her 3-D mouse sweater. She is definitely the best thing to come out of Norway. Actually, I don’t know anything that came out of Norway , except Vikings and that nasty fish dish called Lutefisk. So yeah, Fam Irvoll takes the cake. What I love is the models’ makeup looking like a Roy Lichtenstein comic book girl. Click here for directions from MAC to recreate that look. You’ll need instructions so you don’t look like the 186th  Duggar child. Anyway, I wish I could wear a conversation bubble on my head. I would keep several for any situation, like “Eff you” or “STFU” or “Can I haz your wallet?” or “Are U Serious??” or… I’ll stop. This way I don’t have to waste my voice, you know? And yes, I went to the School of Beeatch– my counselor was Naomi Campbell. I still don’t have the heart to throw my precious iPhone at anyone , though. *sigh* I love all these looks except the buck-teeth on the dress needs to get sanded down. I think buck teeth are suddenly in, though. Exhibit A. In any case, I wear them all!

photos: Norwegian Fashion, BlackBook Mag

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