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This is for the United Bamboo* calendar. So, every year  United Bamboo takes actual outfits from their collections and makes them fit for a kitty. Genius!!! Then they take photos of these fashionable furry beasts and put them in a calendar. Then people like me  buy the calendar and gooo and gaaa everyday of the week whenever we pass by the  feline calendar in our kitchen. I can’t wait to get my copy! Apparently, their pattern maker is a cat lady so she was down with making kitty-sized garments. That last photo of a Mr. Marmar clone in curlers has nothing to do with the calendar, by the way. I threw it in for an extra special treat for all you cat fanatics ( ok, it was for me). Yay for kitties! My favorite cat model, by the way,  is the first photo. He’s so fluffy, yet professor-y. He also looks cranky. Someone needs to take off their cranky pants! Mooshmuffin!!

* I had no idea who United Bamboo was until I saw this on Cat Party. I’m a fan now!!!

photos : Cat Party

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