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Fabrican has come up with a way to wear clothes without messing up  your hair and makeup… spray it on! Does this give “say it , don’t spray it ” a new meaning? Ummm.. I guess not, but this is a actually pretty cool considering there are ways you want to mold a fabric or get every nook and cranny of your body. I’m looking at you Elvis. This is pretty amazing, I mean the possibilities are endless- that means if you lose your luggage at the airport, you can spray on clothes for a few days! Babies will never outgrow their clothes- just spray on their onesie! Give your cat a sweater over his natural sweater….. Mr. Marmar just gave me the stank-eye. That means that shirtless crackhead can finally go into a 7-11 with a shirt! Homeless people can be clothed for pennies a day! You can ambush the husband before he puts on the FUG shirt that he seems to hold onto forever and ever.. anyway,  It’s virtually endless… Check out this clip below:

photos: James St. James WOW

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