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The guy that writes the blog Swallow Glitter made these impressive gloves! It’s definitely like “Edward Scissorhands”, as Outsapop says. It’s like like every piece of broken jewelry  and hardware on a leather glove. And it’s brilliant! I’d wear those gloves if I was roaming a sketchy neighborhood. I’d be flashing my hands like ‘jazz hands‘ to any one suspicious. Which brings me to this story… once I had to go to this beauty store in South Central LA because it was the only shop that carried human hair in my shade of Bozo the Clown red. So, I walk in and the guy behind the counter was spooked and there were 2 cops asking him questions. Already I was like, crap! So, I go in take my merchandise faster than you can say “bitchdonttouchmyweave.” Apparently, a transvestite with a gun  dressed to the nines in broad daylight robbed stole shipments of human hair. The f*uck? No cash, JUST HAIR! HAhahahahaah! I thought that was amusing. Anyway, I’d wear these on my next trip to that beauty store.

photos: outsapop

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