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First off- The designer that had to fill Alexander McQueen shoes must have been shitting her pants.

Secondly, She did a pretty good job.

Thirdly, that hair at the show was beyond SPECTACULAR! It was like a basket came to life! It was like a checkerboard – how did they do that? While I ponder this, I remember I had done a hair show in NYC ages ago and I was modeling for Paul Mitchell and they did a dye job exactly like that- a checkerboard. Blonde and brunette. Only thing was that I was a demonstration model, so after doing only one side of my hair they kicked my ass off stage! So, I was walking around with the most effed up hair west of the Port Authority. That’s saying a lot considering the area. Anyway, a Feria dye job later I was back to normal, but needless to say it was a scarring experience.

Anyway, this collection was great- my favorites are the orange dress with butterflies emerging from the collar and the greyish, white feather dress in the first photo. That gold and cream dress (photo 5)  was equally stunning, too. Still, it’s such a shame a huge talent is gone.

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Check out these spiny, bony heels by DSquared ! This charters into Alexander McQueen territory. I think the black shoe and white heel makes it look weird… I think it would be cooler if it was all bone color or all black or all gold. Actually, gold would be pimpin’! This is when the ghetto in me comes out. I love gold and I don’t care what anyone says! Who cares if gold looks like you just picked it up from the corner pawn shop? Or if it looks like it belongs on an Arab sheikh’s toilet? It’s gold, right? There was a time when I didn’t like gold, then Flava Fav happened to me. Fight the Power!

photos: High Snobette

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Designer Guo Pei is Hong Kong’s answer to Alexander McQueen. Cutting edge and beautiful, Pei is finds the balance between Eastern elegance and Western modernism. Those shoes are fan-friggin-tastic! And the dress in the last photo is gorgeous! If you drop an earring or something, you’ll never lose it! The blue and white gown reminds me of John Galliano- it’s stunning nonetheless. All this 3D origami designs going around is nice and all, but how do you sit? That’s the question of the day. Anyway, Pei is definitely one to watch! Watch his awesome fashion show below.

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This is Alexander McQueen’s last collection before his death. He had only done 16 looks. Above are a few of my favorites. Apparently, they played opera music and the guests got weepy. Super sad. Because I’m an investigative reporter (aka ‘Nosy’), I googled ‘Anna Wintour’ and McQueen Fall 2010′ for any photos of her all teary eyed. Nothing came up. It wouldn’t matter anyway because she wears those damn sunglasses all the time… I mean, you really wouldn’t be able to tell.  Anywho, the final dress (last photo above) was just epic and looked ‘heavenly’. Sadly, McQueen may have had the after life on his mind while designing this collection. I just wish he was still around to pull us into his fantastical world every now and again. I guess that’s what photo archives are for. Pass the cheesecake.

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You will be missed dearly, Mr. McQueen.

I’m gonna go cry a friggin’ river now.

photos: Wireimage

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Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem is my new favorite designer! He’s like a hybrid of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen, but more fupe. As you may know, I love fupe couture so,this fits the bill! The stegosaurus corset may be my favorite one out the bunch. Actually, the British bunny get-up  is pretty cool, too, because I love bunnies and the Brits! I have a feeling Lady Gaga would dig Ziad.  The chain ensemble for men is pretty dope. It would be killer if it were gold because I’m tacky like that. Ziad is definitely one to watch!

photos: Ziad Ghanem

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ballerina-1 091010_amcq_ss10_shoes_4 alexandermcqueenshoes

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection unveiled some fantastic shoes that belong on a steampunk robo-chick! I would wear this around town with a brown, leather bomber jacket and these goggles below. By around town, I mean dropping my kid off at school, the post office, food shopping, and the gyn(that’s not me). I ‘d even lend the five lens goggles to my gyn during the exam because ‘hospitality’ is my middle name!  Anyway, the DIY (gob’ment cheese version– mmmm, cheese) version of the eyewear can be made with the bottom photo as a guide. Just glue gun a bunch of metal you find at the bottom of your kitchen drawer to a pair of glasses. Then pray you don’t poke your cats as you give then a sweet nuzzle. It could turn into a bloody nuzzle.



photos: Style, Outsapop

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