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Director Emmanuel Itier and Sharon Stone

So, I got out of my Pj’s and off the computer to attend a fancy event recently for my husband’s documentary,  ‘The Invocation‘. Emmanuel Itier directed it and Sharon Stone narrated the documentary on Religion around the world and how it effects our world today. Deepak Chopra, Desmund Tutu, Mark Wahlberg, Rosario Dawson, Dave Stewart, and music by Annie Lennox and many many others are all in ‘The Invocation’. The event was The Beverly Hills Film, TV, and New Media Festival and the cast of  ‘The Invocation’ was awarded a Humanitarian Award. Here is a clip of Sharon Stone’s speech that night ( I am on the far left side):

I wore a custom-made (by Lillia) 1950’s-style toile dress (it was upholstery fabric, so it was a little heavy) with a bow (can’t not wear a bow- I’ve tried- doesn’t seem to happen). My necklace was Vivienne Westwood, gloves by Arden B. and my shoes were satin Chanel ballet heels from the spring 2001 collection and the ballet handbag is something I made and can be purchased here. My phone, lipstick, a piece of chocolate, some cash and a credit card fit well in the handbag- that’s it.

For the second night, I wore a flapper-style dress I made ages ago with feather, lace and bead detail. I was feeling a little Boardwalk Empire. I have to say this dress is pretty comfy because the fabric is stretchy cotton. I had just had a delicious meal of half rack of ribs, fries, coleslaw, soda, and a slice of ice cream pie before the event, so it was nice to not have to loosen my belt…my dress just s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. Love that. You can buy one here on my Etsy.

I did my hair and make up for both events and used Puppycatmeow’s rosettes and braid extension found here. All styling was by moi.

~Today, I turn 29 years old for the 4th time. I’m gonna stuff my face with cupcakes, candies and tea! Yay!!~

photos: Babak Bina, Rick Carter, E and Fifi

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This was the Faces Exhibition hosted by the Electric Blue Gallery in England. Here is an explanation of the show:

“The group exhibition featured artwork based around the theme of how designer labels has come to manifest itself into our lives and as a culture. Featured artists include Zevs, Eine, Cezar, D*Face, Jasper Goodall and Rafał Zajko.”

I really enjoy art taking a stab at designer labels and popular culture. I think the wooden cross is the best one. I still can’t figure out the Louis Vuitton syringe. Is that an enema? Does that mean a Louis Vuitton bag is symbolic for a colostomy bag?? Am I reading too much into these works of art? Sometimes I get carried away with explanations and then something shiny comes along and I get distracted. That’s why me and Mr. Marmar are best mates- we get easily distracted by shiny things!! Anyway, brilliant exhibit!

photos: Hypebeast

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Unicorns- I looove them! & It's so Flufffeehh! necklaces by I'm Your Present *

Desiree Doll

FancyPack by CarrotCake

On my last trip to Rhode Island, I went to the Indie Arts Festival in Providence one Saturday afternoon. It was like a flashback to the late 90’s for me. There was a rave in a tunnel underneath the street, some gritty bands, (some cool ones, too), vendors serving junk food (YUM!) and some damn good vintage clothes and jewelry shopping! Seriously, it was like every cool store in Providence condensed into one venue. Pretty damn convenient, if you ask me. I came across an AWESOME  Persian cat necklace and unicorn necklace at  I’m Your Present . They love cats as much as do. I love when I meet like-minded people. I also ran into an old friend, Desiree from Desiree Doll. She makes cute, little one-of-a-kind dresses and accessories. Desiree introduced me to a really cool fannypack. It’s called the Fancypack because it’s in the shape of a bow! It’s by Carrotcake and is available in a slew of colors and fabrics. As I had mentioned in earlier posts, bows are like kryptonite to me, so naturally I ordered one in a Barbie pink. So if you see a crazy red -headed lady covered in bows and a Persian cat necklace pushing a stroller, don’t be frightened, it’s only me.  Anyway, if you ever make your way down to Rhode Island be sure to check out The Curatorium on Wickendon Street. They have the coolest useless stuff. Like, it’s stuff you don’t need but want. Nothing wrong with that. But if you don’t make it out to the smallest state in the union, you can always shop at all of the stores’ Etsy  shops and websites.

photos: booboo,Desiree Doll, Carrotcake

* My Hair Bun (first photo) by Puppycatmeow

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So, one day I was sucked into the internet vortex and found these photos buried deep after I clicked on links of links of links. I’m kinda glad because look what I brought home! I feel like a kitty that just caught a mouse and plopped it at the front door, all bloody and everything. Aren’t you proud, my dear readers!? Just nod your head.  Anyway, where to begin?

1- Gold Gun Handbag- Sort of like the pimp staple, “ the goldfish in the platform shoes“. Just wondering if  the purse actually stores anything else and can the gun come out and be used, hmmm?. These are the important questions, people!

2-Tanning Stencil- I already think tanning is so “Jersey Shore”, so this is truly awful. I expect to see this on exotic dancers at Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida in the very near future.

3-Birdcage dress- Ummm… I wouldn’t put a birdcage  there. My cats could totally jump up that far, especially my fiesty cat, Miss Coco.

4-The Flasher dress- It’s like,  for the high-end flasher because it opens like a pretty present. Except, I’m guessing this dude would wear this in real life and not a fashion model.

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photos: Artsy Spot

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Not sure if this is just a prototype, but Chanel showed this plexiglass briefcase during their Fall 2010 shows. I really love this, except what do you do if you have to hide tampons or pads? Or what if you’re an office clepto and swipe a stapler or two from the office? What if you don’t want people to see your prescription of Valtrex?? So many ifs!! I do like that each compartment is meant for something specific like an iPod (Karl needs to make a luggage for all his 40 iPods) or lipstick. Of course, there’s no compartment for delicious snacks like Whatchamcallit! Figures.  I still want one.

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photo: The Cool Hunter

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Here are a mix of the Moschino show and the Cheap & Chic by Moschino shows. I’m too lazy to post a separate post. Anyway, The Moschino show featured cowboy hats which totally remind me of Destiny’s Child. I’ve been guilty of that trend. Go ahead throw my ass in solitary confinement. Anyway, I had to post the pink violin handbag because I go kookoo for handbags that look like everyday things. For instance, I have this one vintage Moschino handbag that looks like a milk carton (see below) and I tried to fit a few baby bottles in there when my son was a baby. It didn’t fit and now I have no clue what to wear it with. But it’s so dang cool! But, as the dress says above, Fashion Must Go On!

photo-on-2010-03-01-at-1436PS- I have no idea why the handbag looks like it took a photo in a mirror. How vain! I took it with Photobooth on my MAC in case you’re wondering.

photos: Style

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Artist Meryl Smith made this doggie bag that would make Paris Hilton squeal and a dog shiver. This dog looks pretty realistic and creepy, especially if you see if from far away, say, in a restaurant. It could totally pass for one of those stuffed carcasses. That being said, I would buy one just for the creep out factor. Check out Meryl’s blog for more unusual art, including her Halloween dress that is still making me barf. Check out her take on football. Love it!

dsc03454 dsc03446

photo: WOW

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