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Artist Meryl Smith made this doggie bag that would make Paris Hilton squeal and a dog shiver. This dog looks pretty realistic and creepy, especially if you see if from far away, say, in a restaurant. It could totally pass for one of those stuffed carcasses. That being said, I would buy one just for the creep out factor. Check out Meryl’s blog for more unusual art, including her Halloween dress that is still making me barf. Check out her take on football. Love it!

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photo: WOW

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I know I’m late on this, but I couldn’t let this go….The Costume Institute’s Party of the Year at The Met.

Here are some of the looks from that event. Some are innocent, some are guilty. We won’t name names, but I will say this…. Rihanna’s jacket is awesome! I love mutton sleeves! Back in my designing days, I designed an entire collection around the mutton sleeves.  She is definitely channeling Klaus Nomi. No comment on Madonna. 

photos: Style

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These Louis Vuitton- inspired grocery bag totes are funny because:

A) Fashion people don’t eat- so why do they need a grocery tote? 

B) They look like they are straight form Canal street.

C) I don’t like when people carry food in their handbag- it’s like eating in bed. Grody!

D) Inspires muggers to mug you, only to find cheese and apples in your bag. 

E) This fall is the same category as having logos on your fingernails. 

F) But at least, you’re not using a plastic bag!

Umm….I just ordered 5. 


photos: fashion indie

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