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Here is an old suit I found at a thrift store years ago. It’s yellow with white teeny tiny polka-dots and it’s a light cotton. Great summer suit. I thought the original buttons were lame, so I glued on candy cabochons to the buttons! They totally livened up the suit! The popsicle pins were originally cupcake toppers ( I ate the cupcakes) that I took and put a pin the back to make a brooch. Since finding shoes to match a yellow suit is a little tough, I took a pair of cheap heels and spray painted them with Simply Spray fabric spray in yellow and then I added ice cream cone cabochons to the bow. Voila! I’m ready for the Willy Wonka tour!

*By the way, sorry for the poor quality photos- I was on the lookout for bedbugs at my hotel in NYC. Seriously!

Above is a vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic dress that is half mannequin and half suit. I wore that for a series of interviews for ‘Machete’. The little mouse pin (moosh!) is actually nibbling on a Chanel symbol. It’s one of my prized possessions.

Below is my outfit for my interviews for Jackass 3D. I decided to take along my Kidrobot buddy, Munny by Tarina Tarantiono. Isn’t he cute!?!  *Excuse my messy messy bed.

Below is an extraordinary bathtub I saw in Soho in NYC. It was in a showroom and is made of little tiny sparkling gold mosaics! The water flows from the top of the heel. That is friggin’ Epic!!! I would not only take a bath in that, but I would move into that tub! I would be the old lady that lived in a shoe and was actually clean!

Anyway, I thought I’d share these random tidbits with you- It’s good to take a break from all the fashion week stuff! Whew!

photos: Moi

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Moschino Spring 2011, of course! I’m kinda liking this collection- the  polka dots, the stripes, the BOWS! The cowboy hat has got to go , though. Seriously, all I can think about is Destiny’s Child. Cheeeeeeze. Anyhow, I can see myself wearing all these outfits. My fave is the last outfit in red and purple polka dots. I think the bows on the collar make the look so dandy. So, the real question is: Would “The Nanny” still wear Moschino?  I have a feeling she would wear this collection, at least. I’m so happy that the Moschino is revived again- it was going through an ‘unfortunate department store’ phase for a while there. Glad to have the high fashion, whimsical look back at Moschino.

photos: Style

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Rosette in my hair by Puppycatmeow on Etsy

So, I had to get dolled up for a few occasions and here are the pictures for proof. Usually, I sit around in a pair of stained PJ’s writing this classy blog. The first three photos were for my interviews for Twilight 3: Eclipse … I was trying to channel Nanny Fine from The Nanny with the Moschino belt from the 1990s. I put a rosette in my hair by Puppycatmeow on Etsy. The pink suit is actually a vintage store find from 20 years ago. I added some Chanel accessories to it to really give it that ‘uptown’ look which clashed with my ‘downtown’ hair. I like it when the ‘uptown’ and ‘downtown’ meet. I stole a picnic tablecloth and made that red gingham dress. Not really, I bought that ages ago! I pulled that rockabilly dress out for a recent trip to Mexico. Notice the mud flap girl necklace from Patricia Field’s. And lastly, I continued the gingham, but in lemon with this Nanette Lepore dress. I added the matching headscarf for a Eastern- European -country- girl -ready -to- go- apple-picking- in-her-vintage -bicycle. I think I nailed that look on the head. Ignore the Spongebob crocs in the back there….Voila!

photos: Moi

All styling, hair and makeup by me.

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I think I’ve died and gone to Fran Drescher  (‘The Nanny’) heaven! Maison Moschino Hotel opened recently in Milan and now I totally  have an excuse to go to Milan. I just need to scrounge 300 Euros, which probably $60,987 with all that inflation (that’s totally a discount compared to the Bush-era, by the way). Anyway, the hotel is based on a fairytale dream and is designed to reflect the Moschino style. Super-whimsical and modern simultaneously, this hotel is giving me ideas for my home. Although, I don’t know how the Mr. is gonna feel about sleeping on a giant velvet gown.

photos: Style Bubble

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Here are a mix of the Moschino show and the Cheap & Chic by Moschino shows. I’m too lazy to post a separate post. Anyway, The Moschino show featured cowboy hats which totally remind me of Destiny’s Child. I’ve been guilty of that trend. Go ahead throw my ass in solitary confinement. Anyway, I had to post the pink violin handbag because I go kookoo for handbags that look like everyday things. For instance, I have this one vintage Moschino handbag that looks like a milk carton (see below) and I tried to fit a few baby bottles in there when my son was a baby. It didn’t fit and now I have no clue what to wear it with. But it’s so dang cool! But, as the dress says above, Fashion Must Go On!

photo-on-2010-03-01-at-1436PS- I have no idea why the handbag looks like it took a photo in a mirror. How vain! I took it with Photobooth on my MAC in case you’re wondering.

photos: Style

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dsc04199 dsc04202dsc04205

I was so inspired by this post I wrote not too long ago that I had to make it myself. Also, I wasn’t going to pay $300 for a shirt ( that’s so 90’s). So, I whipped out my Simply Spray fabric paint and went to town on a couple of Old Navy cotton shirts I bought for like $3 each. And so if I effed up, I wouldn’t feel too bad because the shirts are a price of a cup of tea. And so I was ready to go NUTS! I sprayed the paint onto a paper plate and brush the paint on to the shirt as if I was an artiste. My cats were sniffing around the paint area intrigued by my spontaneous paint-a-thon. Then they ran around crazy for an hour. Hmmmm. Anyway, they dried pretty fast when I set them out in the sun (about 30 minutes). My fave out of the bunch is the white cardigan with the Chanel-style camellia and pearls. Alas, now I can look like a cartoon and I can still go to the spa!

photos: Moi

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London boutique Antoni & Alison has some killer trompe l’oeil gear that would make Moschino proud. Their sweaters are all cashmere and run about $300-$350. I love trompe l’oeil because it looks like you have a real outfit on when really it’s just a shirt or sweater. I guess I could have been a mime in another lifetime …. or just lazy. Anyway, I may save my pennies for one of these, particularly the first photo of a Frenchy poster child. I’d wear that while buying a baguette. Check out their website for more cool stuff including some fupe art (my favorite!)

photos: Antoni & Alison

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00010m2 00070m1 00080m4 00110m1 00220m2

I am charmed to see that Moschino has come back from the routine and dreadful with more designs that are more, well,  Moschino-like. Moschino is famous for the whimsical and tongue and cheek designs that make it distinct to a trained eye (I learned it from Miss Fine from the The Nanny!) Anyway, I fondly remember the magnificent boutique on Madison Ave in NYC. It was 3 floors of Moschino fantasy that involved oversized doors, twisting stairwells and colorful murals reminiscent of an upscale dollhouse. It closed over 15 years ago and  I still remember the tears I shed after I trekked from Providence, RI on a hot, humid day on the Greyhound bus (I traveled in style, I know) to shop,  learning they had up and disappeared. Pouf. And just like that- I went next door to Fauchon ( also closed  now) and downed a pound of macaroons to silence my sorrows and whimpering. I was 18.  Lucky for us, Moschino recently opened in the Meat Packing District of NYC- yay! But it’s decor is not what it was before- it’s much more conservative now.

* my eyes are welling up right now… Why? Because I missed the sale of the century when they closed. Damn you , Moschino!

photos: Style

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w_sept_dior2-500x327 w_sept09_armani-500x658 w_sept09_chanel-500x662 w_sept09_prada-500x649

I came across this phenomenal photo shoot as I was perusing the internet. See what you can make from a bag? A damn outfit! That is genius! I used to collect shopping bags when I was a teenager and I used to tape it to my bedroom walls. Others taped up New Kids on the Block posters and I would tape up Moschino shopping bags. Others would hang Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam ( don’t hate! you know every word to ‘Lost in Emotion’) posters in their lockers, I would hang a poster of Linda Evangelista in Chanel. Anyway, this gives me an idea to round up all the homeless and see who makes the best dress out of shopping bags! Project Homeless I think I just gave Bravo an idea.

photos: Models

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Dame Elizabeth Taylor


Sharon Stone

Every year for the past 27 years, the generosity of Macy’s and American Express show through in an event called Macy’s Passport –Fashion and Compassion Come Together. More than $28 million has been raised over the years for HIV/AIDS services, prevention and research and have recently added Feeding America to its organizations allowing impoverished families eat during these difficult economic times.

This year’s show brought back Founding Chair, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Although the legend’s speech was short, it most certainly was sweet. Dripping in jewels and a powder blue and silver silk embroidered long tunic dress, Dame Taylor looked her usual glamorous self and still passionate about the cause.Another Macy’s Passport veteran, Sharon Stone returned with her usual femme-fatale style wearing a sexy, black knee-length dress and a chic, tight chignon. Stone skipped the usual auctions this year, and instead got hefty donations from the charitable audience.

Standout segments in the show included a live dance performance by the Harajuku Girls (Love, Angel, Music, Baby) accompanied by local elementary and junior high students. With costumes in the Japanese ‘kawaii’ (‘cute’ for Japanese) fashion, the young dancers took us to Harajuku without leaving our seat! It was fantastic! Think pretty, pink, punk meets Hello Kitty, which is the Harajuku style.

DSC_2697 DSC_2840

A segment called Casanova, evoked a Venetian experience with the beautiful operatic voice of Melody Moore and daring aerial acrobatics. The stage was transformed to a Canal in Venice complete with masked masquerade dancers and lots of velvet, brocade, and candelabras. This show belonged to menswear designer, Tallia Orange, with lush, velvet, smoking jackets and suits in deep jewel tones of plum and sapphire.

DSC_2902 DSC_2913

With vampire-mania everywhere today, it was impossible not to get bitten eventually. Glampire, a segment featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Nanette Lepore and others, was a coed fashion show with the most vampy of the Goth trends this season. With bustled dresses in taffeta, frilly Elizabethan collars and cuffs, more velvet than Velvet Jones, the season’s trends translated into a Transylvanian dream.


Far from Transylvania, lingerie and underwear company, b.tempt’d by Wacoal and Papi journeyed us through an exotic tropical forest with a shower rain on the stage. The drenched female models dressed in delicate lingerie and alluring, tropical flowers sprouted from their backs like wings, was reminiscent of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. As for the men, they, too, were drenched, and in underwear. That’s all I have to say!

DSC_2974 DSC_3003

The three tremendous designers of the night were Calvin Klein (who was in the audience), Hugo Boss and special guest Rachel Roy, whose collection debuted this summer at all Macy’s stores. Each had their own segment of fashion shows showcasing their season’s bests. Other’s participating in the show were American classic, Levi’s, and American Rag.


An Outdoor Market Place was the theme of the before and after party featuring a plethora of local foods and spirits, including Sprinkles cupcakes, Chaya and Don Francisco coffee. The focus was on organic, local foods and environmentally safe products for a sustainable future.

After taking a visual fashion trip around the world, you realize the world is actually small and people are connected in some way. That night, Fashion and Compassion came together again and made a difference in people’s lives for the needy, hungry and ill, thanks to the altruism of Macy’s and American Express.



me with my arm candy.

photos: Babak Bina (my big bro!)

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