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The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge” from Etsy seller WayOutHere

Rubber Ducky floating tea infuser

Inner beauty

Plug and Socket rings

Pixel Pour 2.0 photographed by BenjaminNorman on Mercer Street in New York City

Eric Tryons skeletal bicycle- Creeeeepy!


So here are some cool and weird stuff that I’ve been meaning to post about separately but decided to throw all the strange and unusual into one post. I know, it’s like one huge bizarre post but trust me it’s better this way- get the crazziness out of the way!

-Anywho, I think the most peculiar one is the Oven Lounge- whoever made that has a bounty on his head from Betty Crocker. Sh*t’s gonna get real when she shows up with an electric mixer, rubber gloves and a a tub of lard at his front door. I don’t even know where I’m going with that one so let’s get on the next one.

-Rubber Duckies are cool especially ones with tea leaves up their whoo-has. Ha ha.

-The Inner Beauty shirt is definitely a cannibal’s dream menu. Just add Chianti and fava beans. Yeah, so I necessarily wouldn’t wear that.

-Plug and Socket ring is a nice alternative to those cheezey broken heart necklaces. Except it seems the plug has the upper hand in most violent situations.I’ll take the plug.

-Check out the cool street art on Mercer St. in NYC – although it’s probably hidden under the snow and ice right now.

-Ride the skeleton bike… perfect for causing car accidents and freaking out small children and the elderly. The head and arms move when you make a turn.


photos: like Cool

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These bust pendants are by Nous Sommes. Whose bust is this? Only the imitable Karl the Kaiser!… and Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga…I kind of find it hilarious that Karl the Kaiser would wear his own pendant. That’s like the most egotistical thing to do ever. He IS Karl the Kaiser , though. Recently, I was observing my cat, Mr. Marmar and pondered why I am so infatuated with him. I found he behaves similarly to Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s the breakdown:

Mr. Marmar is always calm, cool and collected. So is Karl.

Mr. MarMar doesn’t give a f*ck. So doesn’t Karl.

Mr. MarMar likes to luxuriate on a Baroque-roccoco sofa in the afternoon sun. Karl likes that, too.

Mr. Marmar is picky about his food. Karl only drinks Diet Coke, which makes him picky.

Mr. Marmar is the top kitty in the house- what he says goes. Same goes for Karl.

They both have white manes.

So basically, Karl Lagerfeld is similar to my white, fluffy Persian cat. (I know, I need to get new photos of Mr. Marmar!) I need to get a Mr. Marmar pendant made.

Mr. Marmar

photos: Refinery 29

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I’m PMS- ing, so I thought I’d share with you food that I am craving right now. Cupcakes, cookies, pie, cake- you name it- BRING IT ON! Some of you may think these are too pretty to eat, so I’ll finish it off for you.Can you believe the last photo is a cake in the shape of a dress? At least it’s on a hanger and not like this. How do you cut that? Reminds me of that Tom Petty video below.  I love love love the ‘Apple’ Pie. Yeah, I’d eat that. I hope no one comes out with the iPood dessert or something gross like that. Anyway, it looks like I’m gonna make a run to the bakery.

photos: Pretty Foods and Pretty Drink

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So, one day I was sucked into the internet vortex and found these photos buried deep after I clicked on links of links of links. I’m kinda glad because look what I brought home! I feel like a kitty that just caught a mouse and plopped it at the front door, all bloody and everything. Aren’t you proud, my dear readers!? Just nod your head.  Anyway, where to begin?

1- Gold Gun Handbag- Sort of like the pimp staple, “ the goldfish in the platform shoes“. Just wondering if  the purse actually stores anything else and can the gun come out and be used, hmmm?. These are the important questions, people!

2-Tanning Stencil- I already think tanning is so “Jersey Shore”, so this is truly awful. I expect to see this on exotic dancers at Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida in the very near future.

3-Birdcage dress- Ummm… I wouldn’t put a birdcage  there. My cats could totally jump up that far, especially my fiesty cat, Miss Coco.

4-The Flasher dress- It’s like,  for the high-end flasher because it opens like a pretty present. Except, I’m guessing this dude would wear this in real life and not a fashion model.

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photos: Artsy Spot

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John Galliano’s Fall 2010 collection was pretty genius in my book. I really loved the folkloric theme and the muted grey colors. It was like a mountain lady was going to a really fancy function and none of the city gals pointed and laughed anymore because the mountain lady actually looked better than the city ladies.  And then a ravishing prince named Galliano rolled up to the fancy function with his sword and did a three snaps in a Z formation and whipped out his sword* and whisked away the mountain lady!  Feel free to wake me from the novella going on in my head. Anyway, I really liked this collection.

*John Galliano is wearing a real damn sword in case he needs to cut a b*itch.

photos: Style

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Check out these teabags from German company, Donkey. Each teabag comes with a fashion figure  soaking their crotches in your tea.The team includes:

Karl Lagerfeld (will he call you fat?)

Jean Paul Gaultier (probably pissing in your tea and finds it hilarious!)

Donatella Versace (does it taste like hairspray, tanning lotion and ciggies?)

Naomi Cambell (will she throw the lemon back at you?)

Kate Moss (She prefers lots of sugar).

There are so many jokes (mostly inappropriate- MY FAVORITE!) involved with these teabags that I’m going to step slowly away and let your dirty little minds take over. In case fashion figures are not your cup of tea (oh, yes- pun intended!), try the soccer legends teabags, pirates, animals, and even royalty!  Eight Euros will get you a pack of five, which can only mean that you have to double dip to get your money’s worth in American dollars. Check out the site for other stuff including Porn Confetti (because we all need Porn confetti) and this – which I still can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do with it. I mean, is it a candle or something??

photos: WOW

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This is the art of Lucy and Bart.

They explore the human shape.

Check out the green, grassy ape.

How about a beard of blueberry?

Or a face that’s kinda scary?

Pantyhose and balls create a roidy dude’s body.

The guy in tinfoil must have a commadery

With a Hobbit.

Shards of wood? Where’s the first aid kit.

I think something got into my tea today.

Please, Please forgive… mmmkay?

photos: Lucy and Bart

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