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Freeland Studios on Etsy make these fabulous old style phones compatible to an iPhone called the iRetrofone. Retailing at about $200, these relics of the past turned modern would make any retro-phile a happy lady or gent. I can imagine Don Draper cursing out people on the line while scrolling for porn on the iPhone simultaneously. Seriously, this is actually a great phone since the whole cancer thing is revisited. Eating popcorn also makes me think of this video. So, as soon as I scrounge up some money, I think I will order a pink iRetrofone just so I can feel like a 1950’s sexatary whilst saving brain cells! Of course, Mr. Marmar would be in my lap as I plan to take over the world! Muahahahahah!

photos:Freeland Studios

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This laptop cover is as cool as the Snow White Skin for a Mac! It houses a MacBook Pro and MacBook in a hard leather bound faux book. This is perfect way to foil a robber in your house. Imagine an old-timey library with real books (what are those?) and this masterpiece amongst them. It may be the only ‘book’ you’ll ever read! It’s called a ‘Book Book’ and retails for about $79. I would get this, but I’m pretty happy with my Monster sleeve. I bet they’ll come out with one for the iPad (ugggh- awful name). This could be a steampunkers dream.

photos: Haute Macabre

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4026335935_246b12b985 tumblr_krw7iowfky1qzeqqeo1_500steamgallery-013seye-pod

The Museum of the History in Science in Oxford, England (so fitting, because of the old-timey ambiance in Oxford) is showing some peculiar Steampunk art from now until February 2010. It’s the world’s first Steampunk art exhibition, so steampunkers are pissing themselves right now. So, if you see hot air balloons and people with monocles flocking to Oxford, you’ll know why. Besides the strange, yet cool objects above, expect to see more fupe stuff like clockwork hearts. This is one of those things where I wish I could go just to people watch. I would sit in a corner with a spot of tea and just entertain myself with watching people who are ‘wax lyrical‘ (nothing to do with a ‘Brazilian wax’, sadly) for  Steampunk. ( I just spoke British! ) But seriously… this looks like a cool one.

photos: kronikle/kidrobot

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The annual ‘What you won’t ever see at a Victoria’s Secret store’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came and went and I completely missed it. Usually, I mark my calendar for this crap, but due to lack  of interest, I didn’t. The only outfit that I found remotely cool was the first photo of a steampunk pair of wings and Sherlock Holmes-y corset dress. The rest looked like a craft show from all the Project Runway rejects- a complete Cheeeeeeze fest with a side of hooch. Seriously, you walk into a Victoria’s Secret and none of these runway pieces are there- it’s just a bunch of sweatpants with ‘Pink’ written on the butt, padded bras (so 90’s) and a bunch of little pink dogs here and there. Sorry for being such a Grinch, but after you watch this video, you will see why I think Victoria’s Secret is on the lame side.

So, today is the moment of truth of whether I was naughty or nice this year. Mr. Marmar decides.


Mr. MarMar - look at dat fathe!

Have a Merry Holiday full of food, stuff and more stuff!

photos: CBS, me

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ballerina-1 091010_amcq_ss10_shoes_4 alexandermcqueenshoes

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection unveiled some fantastic shoes that belong on a steampunk robo-chick! I would wear this around town with a brown, leather bomber jacket and these goggles below. By around town, I mean dropping my kid off at school, the post office, food shopping, and the gyn(that’s not me). I ‘d even lend the five lens goggles to my gyn during the exam because ‘hospitality’ is my middle name!  Anyway, the DIY (gob’ment cheese version– mmmm, cheese) version of the eyewear can be made with the bottom photo as a guide. Just glue gun a bunch of metal you find at the bottom of your kitchen drawer to a pair of glasses. Then pray you don’t poke your cats as you give then a sweet nuzzle. It could turn into a bloody nuzzle.



photos: Style, Outsapop

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ashesandempires ashesandempires2 ashesempire1

maide1 maide2maide3

Spats have made a comeback thanks to the Steampunk trend. Here are my 2 favorite Spat makers, Ashes & Empires ( the gothy ones) and  German designer, Maide (the Victorian ones). Spats are a great way to cover your cankle or disguise your fugliest shoes. I dig that. I was doing some intense research ( I googled ‘spats’) and found that they are still worn in the military around the world. I also found that molten metal pourers wear spats to keep the hot, liquid metal off their feet. My intense research also found that Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon wore them, as well. With those three pieces of information, there’s a joke in there somewhere… I just can’t find it right now.

photos: Kingdom of Style / Haute Macabre

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dsc02916 dsc02917 dsc02920 dsc02918 6bda9df4-s1 dsc02928 dsc02926

Is that weird? So, walking around Comic-Con was great for me because I got some great fashion tips from the Dolls of Comic-Con. These are some adorable dolls that make me excited, but some creeped out. (Especially, if you have a room full of dolls staring at you !) I have one of those rooms so I’m totally used to it! Anyway, these dolls are from Toffee and The Valley of the Dolls (Pullip dolls). I need to get that deer head purse! It just screams, ‘Avant-guarde’ or ‘psychotic’!

photos: Me!

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