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Goodness Gracious! These gowns are to die for … Seriously, Marchesa needs to pack up and move to Paris because that is where they belong- amongst the incredible haute couture houses of our time. Let’s start with the stunning shoulder/neck jewelry on some of the dresses. I love love love the glitz and glamour it lends that only the 1930s did so well ( I also love jewelry built into a dress). Each gown’s hue is so delicate and reminiscent of an elegant ballerina ( we also saw that at Dennis Bosso– definitely the movie  Black Swan is in the air). I’m especially digging the nude and lace gown- some of these gowns remind me of Dior and John Galliano’s couture line over the past couple seasons and also Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture lines from several seasons ago. Identical silhouettes and soft, feminine fabrics- but always flattering on any woman.Anyone who brings on the glamour is A-ok in my book! Yay, Marchesa!!

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Slava Zaitsev designed this haute couture collection called ‘Red Dior’ dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Dyagilev’s Seasons in Paris. Sergey Dyagilev was the world-famous ballet impresario and founder of Ballets Russes, which enthralled Paris in the beginning of the 20th century.  With intricate embroidery, Zaitsev combined classic designs from the 1930’s with true Royal Russian dynasty flair. Russian style is making a comeback! The Cold War is over!

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Usually, Armani (in my eyes) designs clothes for the mature woman or ‘Maudes’, as I like to call them. But, amazingly, Armai Privé couture 2009 proved my ass wrong! I would absolutely wear any of the ensembles above. It’s reminiscent of  ‘1930s Shanghai’ , a classic time in fashion that also echoed the economic hard times that we are experiencing now. Is that by coincidence or is that the evolution of fashion? Looking at styles from the depression, fashion was a sure escapism for everyday struggles. Besides the reference to the 1930s, I saw a sort of hommage to Dior  Couture a few seasons ago. The strong, whimsical shoulders and the asian prints in particular. But, as I always say ‘great minds think alike’ and in this case Galliano was surely on Armani’s mind. That being said, I would order the entire collection if I could!

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I love , love, love vintage clothing. I love, love, love Ebay. It’s a ‘danger zone’ for me along with TJ Maxx, Neiman Marcus and Cinnabons. But if I were to step into the Danger Zone, I would happily do it with VioletVille on Ebay. They specialize in vintage dresses from the 1930’s, 40s and 50s. I think clothes from those eras fit me better than today. Today , I can be a size 6 or a size 0 depending on what brand I’m wearing. I find that vintage clothes were made  more for the petite woman and I fall helplessly into that category. According to my husband , I’m a shrimp. I don’t mind…. because I wouldn’t be able to wear vintage if I wasn’t a shrimp. Speaking of shrimp, I adore those cocktail dresses from the 1950s, especially the black ones with the pearls and bows. Back to VioletVille, check out their latest auctions and get carried away into an era of deviled eggs, cocktail dresses, and kitten heels. 

photos: VioletVille

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