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One thing I love besides bows are POLKA DOTS! Usually I was a little ho-hum about Marc Jacobs, especially since last season’s ugly hippie dresses. But this season he emerged from the patchouli haze and has partially redeemed himself with these cute polka dot berets, 1940’s silhouettes and of course, POLKA DOTS!! So cool, because I already have lots of polka dots in my closet including those exact polka dot stockings I got from Victoria’s Secret a while back. I stocked up on those babies and now is the time to whip them out! My favorite look has got to be the second photo- I love the contrast of the collar, gloves and hat- so 1940’s. Yay for Marc !!

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Starstyling has knack for outrageous styles throughout the years. Anyone that can glitter-up a burka is A-OK in my book. I see hints of rave wear in their collections. I just got a flashback of a teenager with a pacifier and glowstick (that’s not me, although it could have been, once upon a time…!). That fifth photo makes me want to take a snuggly nap in that top. It’s so cozy mozy! I’d wear that on a red-eye flight and brave all the stink-eyes.Check out their site for more crazy stuff.
Lena Hoschek nostalgic designs are perfect for those afternoon yodeling practices and  picnics in the lush Austrian mountains. I love this in every way! Fraulein never looked this hawt! Ya! I’m digging the suspenders. It’s so professor-like.  By the way, in the last photo, has Fraulein lost her shoe?? Is that why she’s the only one smiling. That’s a great shot if it is… I’m keeping my eye on Lena- love the mix of classic and menswear.
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and OSH KOSH B’GOSH! Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2010 collection was a mix of  ‘corseted vintage glamour meets a chola(“My brows are dark, my lips are lined. Baby boy, I’m how a chola’s DEFINED! ) who wants to cut a b*tch’. Those satin overalls are kind of cool, though. I remember I used to wear those faded Guess overalls to high school on days when I had an exam or test. That front flap was perfect for hiding notes and a walkman! One day in History class I had to recite The Gettysburg Address by heart. Instead of memorizing it, I recorded it onto a Walkman(yeah, I’m ancient) at a slow speed so I could write it down during the test. So, some beeeotch in class ratted me out and so I had to say the address in front of the whole class while the tape was going in slooooow moootion. Hilarious! Luckily, the teacher was an old bat, so she just let it go and had a Werthers. Anyway, JPG can’t do wrong in my eyes! Two thumbs up!

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Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection for Balenciaga Fall 2009 was something out of a more glamourous era, without too costume-y. Completely wearable without  looking like a sideshow, Balenciaga is quickly making it’s move up my ‘fashion designers I  love’ list. (I also have a sh*t list- but that’s another day , people!) With a Parisian flair, sumptuous fabrics were draped elegantly without hiding the woman’s shape. The touch to detail , down to the flocked stockings (which I must whip out one of these days from my archived stocking drawer)  and the strong shoulders resonated back to the 1940s and the 1980s. This is how it’s done.

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My Mr. Marmar , dressed as a nun

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I love , love, love vintage clothing. I love, love, love Ebay. It’s a ‘danger zone’ for me along with TJ Maxx, Neiman Marcus and Cinnabons. But if I were to step into the Danger Zone, I would happily do it with VioletVille on Ebay. They specialize in vintage dresses from the 1930’s, 40s and 50s. I think clothes from those eras fit me better than today. Today , I can be a size 6 or a size 0 depending on what brand I’m wearing. I find that vintage clothes were made  more for the petite woman and I fall helplessly into that category. According to my husband , I’m a shrimp. I don’t mind…. because I wouldn’t be able to wear vintage if I wasn’t a shrimp. Speaking of shrimp, I adore those cocktail dresses from the 1950s, especially the black ones with the pearls and bows. Back to VioletVille, check out their latest auctions and get carried away into an era of deviled eggs, cocktail dresses, and kitten heels. 

photos: VioletVille

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