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British designer Hinks Taylor’s collection is a great combination of the demure 1950s and the regal Elizabethan Age. I would totally wear this although, I wish they were in brighter colors… then again, they could look a little like a JC Penney find. I don’t know… my fashion radar is a little off today. Come to think of it, I would only wear the ring in the first photo and the collar in the second photo. See! The accessories distract me from the outfit- it’s really the accessories that I like. That Union jack ring does it- it’s like it hypnotizes me into liking FUG or mediocre clothing. I swear I’ll buy anything with that flag on it (click here for proof-YES that’s me!)…. damn you union jack! 

photos: Hinks Taylor

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I love , love, love vintage clothing. I love, love, love Ebay. It’s a ‘danger zone’ for me along with TJ Maxx, Neiman Marcus and Cinnabons. But if I were to step into the Danger Zone, I would happily do it with VioletVille on Ebay. They specialize in vintage dresses from the 1930’s, 40s and 50s. I think clothes from those eras fit me better than today. Today , I can be a size 6 or a size 0 depending on what brand I’m wearing. I find that vintage clothes were made  more for the petite woman and I fall helplessly into that category. According to my husband , I’m a shrimp. I don’t mind…. because I wouldn’t be able to wear vintage if I wasn’t a shrimp. Speaking of shrimp, I adore those cocktail dresses from the 1950s, especially the black ones with the pearls and bows. Back to VioletVille, check out their latest auctions and get carried away into an era of deviled eggs, cocktail dresses, and kitten heels. 

photos: VioletVille

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Bettie Page Clothing has a wonderful line of attire without the stench of a grandmother’s attic! All pieces are brand new but and made in a retro – vintage style of the ’40’s and ’50s. The above are my favorite picks.I love that sailor look, it reminds me that cartoon “Bon Voyage” with Sylvester the cat and Tweety bird. Come to think of it, 50’s clothing can look cartoony sometimes. Like Betty-Boop. That’s not a bad thing in my book, but then again my world can be cartoonish in my mind sometimes. Yes, I need help. Anydelusion, Bettie Page Clothing has a boutique in Las Vegas (at the Planet Hollywood Resort/ The Shops at the Miracle Mile) and is available online. Prices range from $80- $200, not much to look like a Glamorous Pin-up from th ’50s. 

photos: Bettie Page clothing

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