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Fur Fur‘s Spring 2011 Collection was a plethora of BOWS!!!! You may already know that the world and time stops infinitely for me when I see a Bow on a head or dress because I just love them so! It’s like when Mr. Marmar hears the shake of the snackums bag. He freezes and then pitter patters towards the snack like he’s denying he’s been OWNED by a lousy snack bag. Then he gobbles everything up in 10 seconds.Cat snacks aside, Fur Fur has introduced an adorable collection of Snoopy (or Snooby!), BOWS and that hairdo from the 1960s that you can recreate on Yearbook Yourself. I love love love this collection! Check out Japan Streets for cool photos from the Japanese streets and local fashion shows.

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Here are a few photos from the Miu Miu Fall 2010 collection which was reminiscent of the 1960s. This color orange is so vibrant and vivid, which I love. But the real reason why I posted these was because of the bows. I’m a sucker for bows- big, small, velvety, satiny, striped , polka dots- I LOVE BOWS! In my opinion, everything is cooler with a bow. I’m sure everybody agrees with me. At least everybody under seven years old. Anyway, I would totally wear these dresses out and about, especially near construction zones.

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Designer  Holly Fulton has taken Art Deco architecture and the New York City Skyline and has translated it into a robotic line of minidresses and accessories. I really like this collection. Anything plastic and futuristic I dig – makes me feel like Barbarella! This collection reminds of Courrèges from the late 1960s. I have a lilac miniskirt suit ( yes, that’s me in Monaco …. fancy!) from Courregès that I adore and scored super cheap at Patricia Field’s about 8 years ago. I haven’t been able to find any Courregès since then in the US- only in Tokyo. Anyway, Holly Fulton is one to watch!

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