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Humans Since 1982 must have seen one too many Japanese horror movies. When I first saw this, it took me a good 5-7 minutes to realize that the eyes are actually a hair clip. So, that photo is actually the back of some lady (or lady dude’s head). Creepy, huh? That’s something to wear in a really long line of people. Either you’ll get lots of compliments or  side-eyes reserved for lunatics. Anywho, these are limited edition with only 50 and cost $90. I say just cut out a magazine with your choice of celebutard eyes and tape it to the back of your head. Voila! Or order them here.

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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So I dyed my hair over the Christmas break since I was so sick of dyeing my hair fire engine red every 2 weeks for fear of the skanky look. Seriously, half the month my head was under a hat because the color was fading and the roots were sprouting. I put it end to that by dyeing my hair my natural color ( kinda funny to dye your hair your natural color). Anywho, the talented Tressa the Hairdressa sent me a whole new batch of hair creations in my new color from her Etsy shop Puppycatmeow. Above are some cute Valentine’s themed hair accessories and I will post soon about the  hair creations. I had to break it into 2 posts since there was so much stuff!My favorite is the Valentine Rose hat! It matches my Valentine’s rose corset from Victoria’s Secret from 1997! Yes, I still have it. And check out the red human hair extensions- pretty cool if I want to go punky for the day or night. Check out Puppycatmeow ‘s shop for awesome hair creations!

photos: Puppycatmeow

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The Heel Condom is probably the most simple way to class up a pair of heels. That is if your definition of classy is a leopard leotard with matching fingerless opera length gloves. No! Some of the designs are actually ok. Puerto Rican designer  Sandrysabel Ortiz (picture her with a margarita in hand  and  wearing a marabou robe from the latest Forplay catalog) designed these clever contraptions to dress up any boring pair of heels. They make even the cheapest heels, well… even cheaper. Kidding! Go to the site, ignore the  The Nanny-inspired music on the site, and get yourself a pair!

photos: trend de la creme

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jones-gloves3-381x540 jones-gloves2-540x503

London based Dominic Jones designed these leather gloves with gold ‘ fingernails’ attached. This is great, since gloves totally cover up your manicure. With these gloves, you may never have to get a manicure again (at least in the winter). I remember when I used have fake nails like a Long Island housewife done by the local Korean nail salon. It was an hour of agony with all the fumes and the stuff. I stopped after 5 years.  Now I have natural nails. I sometimes miss fake nails for the following reasons:

-my cats amusement as a used to tap by nails together to beckon them

-being able to scatch, like really scratch!

-setting my clock without the use of a coin

-scratching a scratch ticket without a coin or key

-picking up dead insects without really touching it

-having my finger sparkle while I flip the bird ( especially useful while driving on a sunny day)

That being said- I totally want these gloves!

photos: High Snobette

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bazaar-beauty yacht dsc02135 bow_cuff_view1_thumb

Check out these cool shirts and accessories from Trash & Luxury. Designer Hushi Mortezaie (from Michael & Hushi) has injected his avant-guarde, pop culture  style into wearable t-shirts that are cut brilliantly and feel incredibly soft and luxurious.  For days that call for a simple t-shirt, but still want to make a fashion statement, this is it. This affordable, fashion- forward line is available at Kitson, Patricia Field and other trendy stores across the US. Check out their charming accessories, too!

photos: Trash & Luxury

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These are Martin Margiela new Fall 2009 sunglasses. That could totally work as a windshield for a remote control car. Also, you need to have the biggest nose to wear this. Really! Where does it rest on your nose? I think it would just slide down my nose and become a chin guard. I don’t even know who wears chin guards… Anyway, this crap costs about $600. Doesn’t  a real car windshield cost that much? I would just rip it off the remote control car and weld butter knives to the sides , if I really wanted one. This would actually balance a mono-brow quite nicely on the other hand.

photos: Colette

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reid-peppard-1 reid-peppard-taxidermy-3 mouse-rat-cufflinksreid-peppard-taxidermy-4

rat-pouch-small-im rat-pouch-closed-small-im

Designer Reid Peppard must not have a rodent problem in his apartment. Why? Because this dude makes them into jewelry,  purses and headpieces. The animals must be like ‘eff this ! I quit this b*tch! I’m moving on to the next apartment!” At least that’s what I would do if I were a rat. At the same time, I would be preserved for everyone to see my beautiful rat -self. This is so hard! Anyway, thankfully , I’m not a Rat (just a moosh :)) and I don’t have to make life decisions like that.  This reminds me of that rat movie, Willard, with Crispin (crispy) Glover. What the hell happened to him? He was pretty good. Anyway, seeing that you’re already going to lose your lunch any minute, I wanted to let everyone know I will make my cats into taxidermy after their death (in a sleeping pose , of course). Here’s the site that does it for you. That way it’s like they are just taking a really, really, really long nap.  I dread that day, though. By the way, this dude’s definitely going to hell for this.

photos: Reid Peppard

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