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Check out Alberto Guardiani‘s lipstick heel for  $410! It’s badass and you know you want it… I know I want it, but only if the the lipstick was a blade! Like here:

That’s me modeling in Vivienne Westwood shoes and a lipstick knife I picked up at some gun convention. Seriously, I don’t know why I was at a gun convention because I don’t even own a gun. Funny how I ended in random places during my youth! Anyway, that lipstick knife used to go with me everywhere in my pocketbook to ward off any loonies or criminal types. I somehow wish it would have warded off bad boyfriends, but it seemed to attract them more than anything! Anywho, I still have it, but choose mace over my weapon of choice these days.

Going back to those heels, I do like how the lipstick looks bloody… I shall save my pennies for it!

photos: Elle ,  DeMarko

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