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This season, Karl the Kaiser must have had inspiration strike as he watched his maid dust his 200 ipods.Why? Because feathers were everywhere at the Chanel Spring 2011 show! I personally love feathers and marabou and anything fluffy, furry and soft. So this is right up my alley! Specifically, the alley with the most stray Persian cats (do they even exist??) but that’s a different story. Anyway, although Chanel is one of my all-time favorite designers, this particular collection didn’t “wow” me enough. Seriously, the feathers saved Karl’s ass, because feathers make everything instantly fancy and precious. At least in my book and Alexis Carrington’s book ( coincidentally, we share similar books). When in doubt, add a feather- that’s my quote along with  183,464,503 drag queens.

photos: Style

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I am sort of liking the half and half look at Alexis Mabille’s show. A far drastic look compared to her last collection, like in this post. I can’t help to think of this when it comes to half and half outfits. Or this (love the facial hair on one side). Anyway, this would be cool to wear when you’re trying to lose someone in a crowd… and the world was two dimensional. This look is sort of cartoony, which is probably why I like it. That wedding dress is definitely for a shotgun wedding, by the way. I didn’t know Alexis was a dude (who looks like he could have been on the bus to Cartagena in Romancing the Stone)  until I saw this photo. I seriously thought it would be a lady as ravishing as this Alexis.

photos: Style

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Thanks to Marc Jacobs, the horrid 1980s shoulder pads, pleated pants and ballon skirts are back. I thought these looks were banished to your local Salvation Army forever, -but, NO- Marc decided to regurgitate it back on the runways. The looks above are actually the better looks out of the whole show. Go to Style to view the entire show and thank me later for sparing you your eyes. You’ve been warned. Anyway, looking at this collection methinks that Marc was watching a Dynasty marathon whilst listening to Klaus Nomi and eating  Rolos. (MMMM, ROLOS) Here’s a photo of my favorite Carrington (she’s wearing Gold (the gaudiest one of all, of course!).


photos: Style and The Gaurdian UK

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