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The talented Andrea Kett sent me a link to this wonderfully, whimsical website called Undergrowth Design. They sell brilliant tea sets with dangling legs that I may have to break the bank to add to my collection. I already have the Alice in Wonderland tea set and the Bailey’s winking boy and girl set, but this would easily trump all of it as the most precious! The quirky upside down dress as a sundae dish and spoon legs are a great addition to anyone’s china cabinet. Even Grandma would giggle and blush!  Check out Undergrowth Design for more cool stuff. I’m gonna have to order some before I explode.

photos: Undergrowth Design

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Oslo designer Fam Irvoll is just my cup of tea! This fine lady (the ravishing fellow bottle -ginge above) names Alice in Wonderland, cakes, candies, cartoons and toys her inspiration for her wacky collections and 3D knitwear. Fam and I are cut from the same cloth! We could actually be twin sisters separated at birth!  Anyway, I am drooling over the 3D mouse sweater. It has an entourage of rats on the shoulder, sort of like Crispin Glover in Willard. That movie is my mantra, by the way. That and Ratatouille. What I love about this collection is that it’s so whimsical and cute! Lucky for me, she has an online store…

photos: Fam Irvoll

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Photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes can sure bring out the spook in a single photo. When I first looked at the photos, I thought it was a little person, but it’s actually a real little girl. I see cookies and candy as a motivator here. Anyway, I appreciate the weird, like a lot. As you may know, my nickname is ‘moosh‘, which means ‘cute’ and ‘mouse‘ in Farsi. I love mice. So, this is just so precious! I love the Amelie reference with the raspberries on the fingers. I think every kid does that. Anyway, check out Marc Da Cunha Lopes‘ site for more fupe photos, including a giant cockroach in a lab, a lady breastfeeding an squid, and a bunny hunting humans. Awesome!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers to a day of green cupcakes, green beer and green vomit! …And a ginge-cat for you!

look at dat fathe!

look at dat fathe!

photos: Kingdom of Style

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Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck must not be able to wait for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, because I see some great influences in his Fall 2010 collection! Seriously, if you take away all the weird animal hoop skirts, it’s actually a pretty cool collection of girly, English equestrian with a spunk of color. I don’t know what’s up with the Bob the Builder male model , though. Check out Walter’s website and make sure to click on photos of his boutique in Antwerp. The register area is like a suspended Star Trek computer station. No hiding a glock behind those counters! Hahahaahahahaa…  I digress.

photos: TMZ

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tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-1 tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-2 tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-3 tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-4 tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-6 tim-burton-moma-exhibition-preview-7

The Museum of Modern Art is dedicating an entire exhibit of Tim Burton’s work for an entire 5 months! That means I (and any other Tim Burton fans) can prepare a trip to NYC just to see this momentous occasion! From Willy Wonka’s demented children ( my FAVORITE!) to the ‘Beetlejuice‘ striped scarf and art works, a lifetime of his work will be on display until April 26, 2010. Of course, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ will be released in March 2010 to add more excitement to the whole Tim Burton experience! What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie? Mine has got to be ‘Sweeney Todd‘ and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘.

photos: Hypebeast

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dsc040551 dsc040711 dsc04083

My friend , ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’, designed these awesome hair/head pieces. I asked her to do a teacup to go with my Alice in Wonderland outfit and she came up with the above photo. Seeing that I love gnomes (like LOVE, I have a gaggle gnomes in my home), Tressa made a mushroom hat for days when I feel like prancing through the forest with my little gnome looking for ladybugs. (What? Doesn’t everyone do that?) And , last but not least, the ‘rosettes’ made of matching hair for a ‘Rose” effect! Those are great because you slide them on and it looks like you had you’re hair done at the hairdressa! You can order these and many others at Puppycatmeow.

PS- I made the photos look like a storybook with the ‘vignette’  and ‘antique’ option on my iPhoto…Good stuff!

PPS- She also did the Lady Gaga Bow for me as seen on an earlier post!

photos: Felix ( my 4 year old boy)

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London -based designer, Kinder Aggugini’s Spring 2010 collection is perfect! It has vintage flair, fantastic polka dots (so retro!) and a 1950s silhouette that flatters any woman. The Mad-hatter ( or pimp hat)  hats are perfectly in-sync with the Alice in Wonderland – mania that Tim Burton is going to unleash in March 2010. I’m really happy that designers are bringing back some retro designs without the musty, old-lady ass odor attached to actual vintage pieces.  I really appreciate that. I have so many vintage pieces that I have no idea how to wash , and so it stinks and  then, I never wear them because I don’t want to be a ‘Pungent Monet’ ( looks good from afar, but stinks up close as opposed to a ‘Monet‘, which is beautiful from afar , but looks a mess upfront). Anyway, Kinder’s the bomb!

photos: Style

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