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2010 AMFI graduate Elise Kim must have been watching this creepy video while designing her  “Blind robots wearing an Ikea lamp shade” collection. Although these pictures make me want to run and hide under the bed, much like that History channel show Ancient Aliens, I still appreciate the intricate design of the tops. Let’s face it, that is some mad origami skillz. So, I wish Elise all the best- she’s a recent graduate so let’s send her off into the real world with an explosive “Dayum! You’ve got skillz!’ confetti.

photos: fashion156, Elise Kim

Clothing design – Elise Kim
Photography – Amber Isabel
Model – Martine (Fresh MM)
Make-up and hair – Anita Wagner

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OMG! I used to wear my hair like this when I worked at Newport Creamery during my high school years! Except it was silver metal clips, so I totally looked like an android! Android serving ice cream and burgers! HAAHAHAHA! The funniest part was that I would work like the early bird shift, so all the elderly from the community nursing homes would conjugate at the restaurant and become frazzled by my head! Poor things, I probably gave them the ‘Android Night Terrors‘! I’m sure you’re asking why I would wear my hair like that occasionally. I was avoiding the hair net. 

photos: Style Bubble

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