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Givenchy really is on a winning streak lately. The Spring 2011 Couture collection was only 10 looks long, but each one was a smash hit! With embroidery and detail work that took as long as 4,000 hours, Givenchy is setting a new standard of couture. I guess this is when creative meets OCD, which I totally  love ! I’m especially loving the mongo Viking hat that can fit several midgets in. Givenchy’s inspiration supposedly was Japanese Anime, which I kinda see and don’t see. I think after a few episodes of  Yu-Gi-Goh! ,everything starts looking manga-ish. I also like the smidge of neon/pastel color in the back. It’s like elegant  in the front and a rave in the back. I give this collection my stamp of approval courtesy of Miss Darcheen and her luscious lip licking.

That’s a damn honor right there!

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