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Givenchy really is on a winning streak lately. The Spring 2011 Couture collection was only 10 looks long, but each one was a smash hit! With embroidery and detail work that took as long as 4,000 hours, Givenchy is setting a new standard of couture. I guess this is when creative meets OCD, which I totally  love ! I’m especially loving the mongo Viking hat that can fit several midgets in. Givenchy’s inspiration supposedly was Japanese Anime, which I kinda see and don’t see. I think after a few episodes of  Yu-Gi-Goh! ,everything starts looking manga-ish. I also like the smidge of neon/pastel color in the back. It’s like elegant  in the front and a rave in the back. I give this collection my stamp of approval courtesy of Miss Darcheen and her luscious lip licking.

That’s a damn honor right there!

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Where, oh, where did Yang Du come from?! We must share the same brain! These cartoon dresses are beyond awesome and yes, I would wear them all day, even to a funeral. My favorite have to be the cartoon eyes in the first photo and of course, the Batman dress. Fluffy, knit lion fingers have to be the funnest ever! Flipping the bird would take on a softer message. By the way, the eye makeup on the models is pretty rad, too. So, Yang Du is pretty hard to find and I seriously would like one of those dresses. Checkout his earlier collections below. Pretty fupe, huh? I’d totally sit next to that old lady on the bench and chat about cats.

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Usually, Armani (in my eyes) designs clothes for the mature woman or ‘Maudes’, as I like to call them. But, amazingly, Armai Privé couture 2009 proved my ass wrong! I would absolutely wear any of the ensembles above. It’s reminiscent of  ‘1930s Shanghai’ , a classic time in fashion that also echoed the economic hard times that we are experiencing now. Is that by coincidence or is that the evolution of fashion? Looking at styles from the depression, fashion was a sure escapism for everyday struggles. Besides the reference to the 1930s, I saw a sort of hommage to Dior  Couture a few seasons ago. The strong, whimsical shoulders and the asian prints in particular. But, as I always say ‘great minds think alike’ and in this case Galliano was surely on Armani’s mind. That being said, I would order the entire collection if I could!

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