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Dayum! That is some caarrrrrrrazzzzy hair! Like it’s hair that doubles as shelter. It’s like your own little portable room. Photographed by Takahiro Ogawa for the Asian Beauty Expo and hair creations by Peter Gray & Masa Honda, these gems are sure to make anyone with Hirsute jump for joy. It’s like a Supermodel Sasquatch! I appreciate all this artistry though, because I have .081847% of the hair above and I still can’t get it right sometimes. Like this morning,I woke up with my ponytail on top of my head and bits of Mr. Marmar fur lodged within it. Damn cat keeps burrowing in my hair at night. But I have to say Mr. Marmar has the most luxurious fur in all of time! It’s like a cloud of cotton candy and the fanciest silk spun together to make this magical fur that is… Mr. Marmar. I can’t hate him for having luscious fur, therefore I can’t be mad that he wants to bond with my hair like that dragon thing in Avatar! Mr. Marmar tames Roxy ,  NOT  Roxy tames Mr.Marmar! And just like that Mr. Marmar gave me a ‘b*tch, recognized!’ look.

photos : Haute Macabre

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Here are a few looks from the Central Saint Martin’s fashion show featuring designs from this year’s graduates. I see visions of Viktor & Rolf, Klaus Nomi, Avatar, marshmallows, and the (Tr)Olsen Twins in this collective. Now we know what goes on in their dorm rooms. Something involving those listed. Anyway, I actually think I like the puffy, cloud outfit… I would wear that on a plane so I can rest my head on the puffs of awesomeness during the flight. And one can never have too many arm warmers (first photo)- love those! The white boxy cape (third photo) is perfect for cleptos. You could totally jack a microwave with that coat on.

photos: Style

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