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Check out this human body ball gown with heavy embroidery and bead detailing! It is pretty awesome. I would totally wear that to a drug company soiree.  If you want to see more of this Chinese designer check out the links below- pretty rad stuff! There’s one photo with a dress/skull cap and another with a short skirted dress- all equally fantastic!

*Sorry I couldn’t repost the other photos, but it wouldn’t let me grab the photo and I’m too lazy to figure it out. But alas, thedoppleganger from Polyvore has it all figured out:

From Polyvore – thedoppleganger:

“This is the original source of the photo:http://www.flickr.com/photos/miyake77/4559647489/ There are more photos from the show on that photostream, and here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charles_studio/4449645410/From what I know, it’s from March 20th during China Fashion Week, so it’s Fall 2010. It was held at Shih Chien University (http://fashion.usc.edu.tw/c/work/fweek.asp) and the title of the show is “Artificial Beauty”. The designer’s name is listed in Chinese and I’ve translated it to search for them on Google, but no luck for anything in English. Chinese: 陳俐瑾 / 林志純 / 楊淳如 English: Chen Lijin / Lin pure / Yang Chun as. It’s a little confusing because of the language, but it’s all I could find.”

Wish I could post more photos, but definitely check out the links!

photo: Haute Macabre

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John Galliano decide to shower us with a bouquet of flowers including the plastic floral wrap. All he was missing was the powdered flower food that no one every uses [insert own drug joke here]. I like how Galliano ignores the “plastic can suffocate for his models. But that’s not important… Take a look at each dress. Each one is a specific species of fleur. My favorite is the black one and the blue/pink gown. Such beauty! As usual, Johnny struck one of his infamous poses at the end and he’s wearing a beekeeper’s hat/veil. So fitting! I can’t hate on a genius. Truly. Viva Dior!

photos: Style

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Viktor & Rolf ‘s Spring 2010 collection  had a cheeky take on the current state of the economy- cut backs on the ball gown. I thought it was remarkably done and once again proves the Dutch duo are  geniuses stuck in clones of Dieter’s body. I love the use of tulle in anything! It reminds me of a ballerina, princess, or fairy. Yes, my taste still reflects a 4 year old girl’s fashion sense. I still shop at Gymboree. For myself. Anyway, the show must have spectacular with Róisín Murphy (the women Lady Gaga supposedly steals her looks from) performing during the show. Looking at these photos, try to picture the bolts and bolts of tulle used to create ONE dress- amazing!

photos: Style

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