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Go ahead and cut yourself for a good cause (Note to cutters: DON’T DO IT , MAN!) because Cynthia Rowley has designed this really chic band-aids where proceeds go to Design Ignites Change. I went through a phase where I wore band-aids as a fashion statement. No, I wasn’t a toddler.. it was only a few years ago, sadly. But, I wore leopard, Barbie, Hello Kitty, bacon (!) band aids so it’s not all bad. The sequined band-aid has captured my heart, as well as the jewel band-aids (naturally, in pink). Those could have been  a part of Tom Binns collection a while back, actually. These run $10, by the way.

photos: James St. James WOW

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You may remember Sebastian Errazuriz  as the designer that designed a teddy bear coat that I loved. He has come up with yet another awesome piece- a lego motorcycle helmet! Now you can ride through the city looking like a little lego man! If I rode a motorcycle I would get one , but in pink so people wouldn’t think I’m a dude.  You know what would be even more awesome? If the helmet itself was made out of legos! Although, if you got in an accident, all the lego bricks would break apart and just leave you with a bloody head. Not good.  

PS- If you go to his website, check out the dude covered in band aids! He’s hairy , too! Holy Wax!

photo: Trends now

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