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I was graciously invited to preview the fantastic jean company, Hudson Jeans, new lines of denim called DIY at The Colony nightclub in LA. I especially love the harem pants in the fourth photo. They were a jean material, but much softer than stiff. The zipper pants are pretty hot, too, although the zipper just an illusion. They don’t really come apart. I thought those would be ideal “all-you-can-eat buffet” pants since you could unzip as you get fatter at the buffet, but I was mistaken. The patchwork denim jeans in the fifth photo is actually made from vintage Hudson jeans, which makes it pretty damn special. I think my favorite is the corset laced jeans. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the jeans were sort of satin-y and nice to the touch. Definitely a cat magnet. That’s good news for cat ladies everywhere (including me!) Anyway, Hudson is also venturing into comfortable and chic tops such as the one above. It’s a wool jacket with an oversized lining that felt like “butta”. It was sooooooo soft. I wanted to curl up in it and purr. These pieces will be available at Barneys NY and Jeffrey. As always, Hudson’s other line is available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and chic boutiques.

photos: Moi

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Designer Dora Abodi from Budapest showed her Spring 2010 collection in New York recently. I totally appreciate the quirky, fupeness mixed with a dash of cute. Any collection that utilizes my mantra color, pink, is on my hit list. (Not in a Soprano’s kind of hit, by the way.) Anyway, girly and avant-garde, Dora seriously needs to call a ho at  Barney’s or Opening Ceremony.  This would be perfect for those stores. Check out her website for the cool intro page featuring a hot chick twitching as if she has Tourette’s. The deconstructed hand muff is pretty awesome! Perfect excuse for when you don’t want to shake hands with anybody.

photos: Dora Abodi

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Helena Horstedt is a Sweden designer with major talent. All her clothes are handcrafted and made to order. Dripping in intricate folds and immense texture, Horstedt’s designs are understated , yet, dramatic. Although elegant black is her choice of color, it is anything but conventional. Hopefully, Horstedt can bring her magnificent designs to a store near you, but for now you must order through her website. Barney’s NYC should take note.

photos: Helena Horstedt

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Barneys NY and Christian Louboutin teamed up to make these incredibly heinous high heel. What’s even more awful is the price tag at $1,000.  This looks like something  my preschooler son would make during arts and crafts at school. On the flip side, the shoes below are awesome!


These are a limited edition Christian Louboutin  Marie- Antoinette heels  with French embroidery house, Lesage. They cost $6,295 and yes, could pay for a mortgage or two  or three…..I love the head on the strap- how ironic… It just needs a red blood stain around the neck! And the ship…..awesome! By the way, I had a custom Marie-Antoinette skirt made for me  by the talented LilliaRose on Etsy. Check it out here. Bloody neck and all! Twolia also has a craft store. Check that out as well!


photos: Fashion indie

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These are Maison Martin Margiela 

shoes that should be not be $545. They look  more like $5.45. They missed the decimal point. Honestly, cork shoes are not very attractive in my book. I think of winos (like,  Amy Winehouse) and faux French bulletin boards found at TJ Maxx. Anyfugly, I wonder if these shoes fall apart if they dry out too much. That would suck. MMM also made the knee high boot for maximum fug. Click here to see it. I was searching for a matching cork dress , but all I found was this granny purse. Somehow, cork reminds me also of the 1970’s. Like macramé, fruits jiggling in Jello, and beards. Gross.

photo: Nitrolicious

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