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nOir jewelry and DC Comics have joined forces together to bring you jewels from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. These are not  your Cracker Jack box trinkets, but jewels made of gold and Cubic Zirconia. I’m a big fan of CZ, by the way. It’s like champagne looks for beer prices. Anywho, my fave is naturally the Catwoman claws. I have three rings similar to in that I wear when I’m venturing out into unchartered, sketchy territories such as my beauty shop in South Central LA.  The Gotham ring is pretty rad, too. nOir also has a  gold Brooklyn Bridge ring on their site. I like all of them, except when are they going to make  jewelry inspired by the James Bond girls? That I would die over!

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Where, oh, where did Yang Du come from?! We must share the same brain! These cartoon dresses are beyond awesome and yes, I would wear them all day, even to a funeral. My favorite have to be the cartoon eyes in the first photo and of course, the Batman dress. Fluffy, knit lion fingers have to be the funnest ever! Flipping the bird would take on a softer message. By the way, the eye makeup on the models is pretty rad, too. So, Yang Du is pretty hard to find and I seriously would like one of those dresses. Checkout his earlier collections below. Pretty fupe, huh? I’d totally sit next to that old lady on the bench and chat about cats.

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British designer, Charles Anastase, has an eye for the odd and dramatic. I consider myself a fashion daredevil and even I wouldn’t touch this collection. The sack dress is just that- a sack of potatoes… (mmmm, chips). I have a few ideas as to who would wear that sack dress:

-A teenage girl from Idaho hoping for Prom Queen.

-A teenage girl from Ireland hoping for Prom Queen ( do they have those in Ireland?)

– A teenage girl from Costa Rica hoping for Prom Queen ( coffee beans, anyone?)

– ‘Scarecrow’ from Batman looking for an ensemble to match his face.

The orange dress just reminded me I have a pile of laundry to fold. I do like the comeback of hoop skirts , though.

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