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This is definitely on my Christmas list! It’s an iPod/ iPhone dock speaker system in a steroid-size Be@rbrick. It comes in white or black  (no Pink?) and retails for about $180. If I get one, I will certainly bedazzle the hell out of it- like make it look all diamante and stuff.

Also, to get into the holiday spirit, check out these 400% Nutcracker Be@rbrick by Dr. Romanelli x Medicom Toy. This retails for about $88, which is sort of a bargain seeing it’s very large one. Brilliant work, I say!

photos: Hypebeast

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This is some very gruesome couture by British menswear designer Katie Eary for her Spring 2010 collection. If someone wore this on October 31, I’d think they are the bomb! But if they wore this on November 1, I’d think they’re a lunatic. Why are my eyes drawn to the fur? Fur on a man is like heels on a baby– not right!  You have to appreciate that it’s anatomically correct (I assume). Sort of like this be@rbrick. If Chewbacca were a pimp , this Gold Ghetto Chewbacca would be beyond perfect. Check out Katie’s website- I actually love the union jack trousers and the British guard look. Hawt!

Tomorrow is my most favorite holiday ever! Why? Because it’s the only day in the year where no one points, stares or laughs at me! Sooooo………Happy Halloween!


photos: Fashion indie, photobucket

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max_et_les_maxi_monstres2_10 gap-garance-dore_collants_14 mini_karl_27 bape_eames_panton_haloween_28

Check out the window in colette (if you are lucky to be in Paris) next week (Oct. 11-17)  for a special window display of  Where The Wild Things Are directed by Spike Jonze . There you will find specially designed jewelry, sneakers and other stuff ,including Be@rbricks for this classic movie!

New this month are crazy stockings that Pipi Longstocking would fawn over.

Italian artist Simone Legno designs a ‘Mini-Karl’ by Tokidoki for your Karl Lagerfeld shrine. (I know you have one.)

A Bathing Ape ‘s version of the famous Eames chairs ( in bright camouflage) and  the Be@rbrick give homage to master Verner Panton.

The new Halloween Be@rbrick, in black, orange, and  glow-in-the-dark with a ‘Trick or Treat’! And an Original Fake Halloween T-shirt for all you Trickers!

photos: colette

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Be@rbrick Karimoku Wood Piano Black

 Japanese wood manufacturer, Karimoku, has designed a piano version of the Be@rbrick. With thick black urethane coating on the surface, this sleek and glossy piece is for any pianist or be@rbrick lover.  This 400% Be@rbrick Medicom Toy is an almost semi hand-made piece and will therefore be produced in very limited quantities. Grab your today at Colette

photos: Colette

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 Check out the  newest member of the OriginalFake Be@rbrick family  by KAWS called Dissected Be@rbrick in 100%, 400% and 1000%. This is the fourth set of Be@rbricks designed by Kaws for Medicom Toy. See the insides of the Be@rbrick and realize he’s built just like you and me (intestines, heart, lungs and everything!) Dazzling!  Don’t miss the Be@rbrick Daft Punk Alive, this time in a 400% version. Sold in pairs, Daft Punk looks sharp in clothes by Heide Slimane. I have a Be@rbrick collection, and the Dissected Be@rbrick is sure to be my next purchase- reminds me of BodyWorlds, but with a be@rbrick! Yay!

photos: Colette

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